We help small business owners grow a happier, more profitable business

We help small business owners grow a happier, more profitable business

Run a small business? Let us help you make more predictable sales, every single month. All without hustling your face into the ground. Sound good!? We have a range of products, events, and free shizzle too. Welcome to the world of ATOMIC.


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We freaking love Small Businesses, but hate that the word 'small' makes them sound inferior to bigger businesses, when that couldn't be further from the truth.

An ATOMIC Business, is a small and mighty business. Growing your business the ATOMIC way means having the freedom to do what you love, earn as much income as you want, and not have to burn yourself out to get it.

ATOMIC has supported thousands of businesses over the years. here's how...

"I want to learn how to get more sales and scale Up"

... this you? Check out...

Atomic Growth Club V2 (1)

This is our rocking membership, where we teach you how to increase your income whilst working less.

The Growth Club is a mix of EPIC training and the best community of business owners on the internet, which makes for a winning combination.

"I want to take my business to a whole new level"

... nice! You need...


REBELS is a 6 month accelerator programme where you work intensively with ATOMIC founders, Andrew and Pete.

It's a mix of 1:1 support and masterminding with other business owners at your level.

I'm here for the free stuff.

We get it. You don't know us yet. Let us buy you dinner first.

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EVENTS YOUR JAM? We got the conference for you...

June 13th 2023 | Newcastle, Uk

Attend in-person or virtually. Discounted Super Super Early Bird tickets are now on sale.