10 Ways to Repurpose Content

We’ve talked about repurposing in the past, but we thought this would be a great tactic to share with you to add to how you can repurpose your content.

Chris Penn was asked at Social Media Marketing World, how small businesses without a marketing team can keep up with all this content creation. His answer was brilliant. He spoke VERY fast, but he basically said come up with 1 idea of a topic you want to create content on and then…

1. Write an article post it on your blog
2. Film yourself talking about the article – upload it to Youtube
3. Strip out the audio – you have a podcast
4. Share the blog on all your social channels (more than once)
5. Share the video on your social channels (more than once)
6. Film a short Twitter Video, linking to the full video
7. Natively Upload the video to Facebook
8. Create an image on the article (you could create a visual quote from the article)
9. Upload Image to Visual Social Networks (Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr etc.) and link to blog
10. Upload Image to other social channels and link to blog

1 piece of content there, but it can be stretched repurposed in 10 ways (minimum). How great is that!

We have always said you need to focus on promoting content as much as creating, and this is a great way to get as much promotion as possible, by making your content consumable in many different ways.

ACTION: Find your last piece of content, and truthfully ask yourself if you made the most of it.
ACTION: Look at the list above, and make a list of what you could have done to repurpose this content.
ACTION: Put in your schedule now when, where and how you are going to make this piece of content go further.