2 Great Ideas for Conference Gift Bags

Have you ever either put on an event that gives out gift bags to attendees, or paid to put something in the gift bags? We recently had the chance to do this and so had to put our minds to something special.

We had limited time to design something particular and get it printed but we had however just got some awesome business cards printed.

We didn’t want to just put our business card in the bag though…that’s boring.

There’s 2 rules your ‘gift’ needs to abide by:

1. In needs to be different from everything else in the bag.
2. It needs to be un-bin-able (that’s a word – we promise) i.e. when the attendee is going through their bag at the end of the event, they are going to keep stuff and they are going to throw stuff away. You need to end up on the ‘keep’ pile.

So here’s what we did. We bought a load of chocolate Freddos, and gift wrapped our business card around them…

Conference Gift Bag Ideas


This is a really cheap, really effective solution that abides by the 2 above rules.

Another idea we had…

We had another idea we are going to implement at a future event. It takes a little bit more time, but we think the results will be worth it.

All you do is buy a load of envelopes (colourful ones if possible), and hold a prize draw. Put in one envelope a grand prize (this could be one of your products/services), and in all the others inexpensive prizes. Then put an envelope in each bag.

This creates an experience/interaction on a different level to probably everything else in the gift bag.

There’s also loads more you could do to improve the results, including…

  • Encourage people to share their prizes on social media
  • The inexpensive gift could be digital downloads of some form (where you can collect email addresses to build your list)
  • You could ask people to donate prizes in exchange for free promotion
  • If the grand prize (or one of the smaller prizes) is your product/service it could lead to more work. E.g. we might offer as the inexpensive prize, our Zombie session.

ACTION: This is going to take some brain storming, so think about what you could offer as a free gift that abides by the above 2 rules, using our examples as inspiration.


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