3 Minute Insane Blog Hack Via FB Messenger Bot

Have you heard of Facebook Messenger Bots yet?

They are fairly new on the marketing scene, but we are super excited by them, and it looks like they are soon going to become a big player.

Basically just like you grow your email subscriber list, you can grow your list of people who are subscribed to you on Facebook Messenger.

Why is this cool?

Messenger platforms are booming! And open rates are ridiculously higher than email open rates, and the click through rate is also insanely high! At the moment we’re having a good play with them, and we’ll be delivering some more content on how you can use them in the coming months as well as our stats.

Want to see one in action?

Check out this simple bot we created… http://bit.ly/3minhack

We created a video of a 3 minute blog hack… in 3 minutes find out how we came up with the idea for our most popular blog, and how you can use this to come up with an endless amount of ideas for yourself.

To get your hand on this, click here and we’ll send it to you through FB Messenger. After you click, just select ‘Get Started’ and the magic will happen.


P.S. If you’ve already subscribed to this from our website or email you won’t be able to get it again! It’s a one-shot thing.


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