3 Simple Ways to be Enticing without Pricing

One of the main aims of marketing and branding is to make what you are offering so enticing that potential customers find it easy to buy from you.

However this is no easy feat, chances are we are all in markets that are cluttered with competition consisting of very similar companies, and finding a way to make your business stand out is a hard task most businesses face.

One of the biggest mistakes we see companies making when trying to entice new customers is resorting to competing on price. They’ll slash prices, thinking that a lower price will be the clincher. What they don’t realise is that long term they only end up devaluing their business, and will have a client base that is so price sensitive that it becomes difficult to charge the price you are really worth.

You’ll probably also find, that the clients who are with you for the price alone, usually don’t value your services that much, and are more of a headache than the ones who have paid what you are worth.

If you put your mind to it though, there are LOADS of ways you can make your service more enticing than your competitors, without having to compete on price. Here’s a starting point of just 3 to get you thinking about what you can be doing…

1. Guarantee Results – If you are that sure of your results, put your money when your mouth is and offer some solid guarantees. With our web design and branding service we always guaranteed that we would never stop working until you are 100% satisfied, with an unlimited amount of free revisions. We can guarantee this because we know 9.9 times out of 10, we’ll get it right on the first couple alterations and so it doesn’t cost us anymore, but it reduces the risk in the clients mind, and reassures them that they are buying something they know they will be happy with.

2. Show Results – With all marketing communications there is always a little bit of doubt in people’s mind about how truthful you are, because at the end of the day you want the receiver of the marketing message to buy from you! What people can’t argue with is cold hard facts. Case studies, unquestionable testimonials, proof of work, proof of results. Entice people by using what your competitors don’t have – your current clients, and your past portfolio of work.

3. Build a Reputation – Again, use what your competition doesn’t have to entice customers – your reputation. The more that people are talking about your product/service the better, and the more referrals you’ll get. Building a reputation is easy too, once you have a fantastic product or service you just have to do one thing: give a damn. Care about delivering for your customers, give top notch customer service, and present them with a service they want to refer on. Your reputation can be the best thing to entice new customers, and it is unique to you, so use it.

At the end of the day, if the potential client still thinks it is too expensive, just reinforce the 3 points above and ensure them that they are getting great value for money. They will respect your confidence in your product/service, and most likely go for it in time.

ACTION: Think about your prices, do they reflect what you are worth. If not, can you use the points in this article to increase your prices?

PS. another great way of making your offering more appealing is to make it look more valuable with great design. This can make your offering look more appealing, credible and desirable. If you you run an online service this is especially important when thinking about user interface.