7 Ways to Improve your Email Marketing

We love Email Marketing. Engagement rates are off the chart, and it is a fantastic way to build your Top of Mind Awareness. However we see a lot of poor email marketing too, so we wanted to go through 7 ways you could be improving your email marketing campaigns.

ACTION: Go through each point and write down 1 key action point that you are going to take on your next email marketing campaign.

1. Use the Analytics. Most of the big email marketing platforms (Mailchimp / Aweber etc.) have great analytics that you can be making better use of. You need to be looking at what type of subject lines get the most opens, what type of content gets the most clicks, and who is opening and clicking the most. If somebody is opening and clicking your emails a lot, but not yet purchased then follow up with a call! Don’t say “Hey, we’ve noticed you’ve clicked or emails a lot, are you going to buy or what!” But at least send a follow up email, or even better give them a call saying something like, “Hey, we are phoning up our most loyal email subscribers to see what you like most about our emails to find out if we could improve them,” you’ll never know where that conversation could lead!

2. Don’t overdo it with text. If you hit your subscribers with paragraphs and paragraphs of text, chances are they won’t stick around to read it all. So keep your emails to the point and use graphics where possible. Also, you can spread your content across emails to save you time coming up with fresh content!

3. Always remember to be useful and add value. Don’t cram your emails full of either full on sales speak, or what we call ”Selfish Content.” Selfish content is content that is just about you e.g. read my testimonials, look who we’ve hired, look where we’re featured. You may find this interesting but you have to ask yourself a key question: would my subscribers really want to read this? The more value you can provide to them for free, the more they value your relationship and emails in the future. So when you do finally send a promotional email, they will at least give it a read – and that is invaluable in these days of short attention spans! Plus, if they keep opening your emails then your deliverability of your emails overall increases so you don’t end up in the spam folder.

4. Get people to click. Email marketing is a great way of driving traffic back to your website/blog/social networks. Don’t give it all away in the emails all the time, get people to click back to your website with the promise of some more value. Once on your website they are more likely to browse around and potentially buy something or engage with you more.

5. Use Graphics / Video. Visual marketing is crucial in 2015, so incorporate this into your email marketing. Add some photos, or videos to give your email campaigns a bit more punch and keep the engagement rates sky high. You can say so much more in a visual and people love them. You can’t easily embed a video in an email campaign, however a great workaround is to put a ‘play’ symbol on a photo/screenshot of your video, and have the photo linking to the video once clicked. Here’s a play symbol, feel free to Right Click > Save As, to use on your photos.

play sign black

6. Keep your brand in mind. How do you want to come across in your email campaigns? Funny, Professional, Friendly, Knowledgeable? Ensure you know your brand values, and don’t be scared to get them across in your campaigns, paying close attention to the content you share and the ‘voice‘ your emails are wrote in.

7. Ask for Stuff. Get people to make micro-commitments e.g. click on this, check this out, watch this, sign up for this etc. If people get use to interacting with your emails and when they do interact you provide great content/value, then they are more likely to say ‘Yes’ when you ask them to buy something. So have a ‘Most Wanted Action‘ for each campaign, and centre it around that. Even if that MWA is simply to read or watch something, these micro-commitments really add up to form a solid relationship over time!