A Clever Idea for Your Facebook Cover Photo

This was a cool idea that Andrea Vahl talked about at New Media Europe last weekend.

Most businesses just have a very nice on-brand cover photo on Facebook. We did too. It looked good, was designed well and complimented the page and our brand. Here’s our original one:

Cool Facebook Cover Photo

It’s nice, but could we do more with it?

Remember, you can now see a page’s cover photo in the Facebook news feed. 

Facebook is now really about about LIST BUILDING. With the algorithms constantly changing it is smart marketing to be using Facebook to collect emails, and move your audience from Facebook onto your email list.

So how does your cover photo come into it?

Simple… have a Lead Magnet advertised on your cover photo. It could say something like “Click this cover photo to download [example],” or “T0 register for our latest webinar, click this cover photo.” Basically we should give away something valuable in our cover photo.

So to show you an example here’s our new cover:

Facebook Lead Magnet Cover Photo

So what happens when you click?

Here’s the really clever bit. When you upload a cover photo, there’s the option to add a description. In the description you can include the link to your Lead Magnet and some convincing text:

Improving your Facebook Cover Photo

Clever right!

ACTION: Go improve your cover photo on Facebook to give it some purpose. You can use something like www.canva.com to design it yourself.