A Great Idea for a Thank You Gift

We recently talked about getting referrals, and the importance of rewarding people for giving you a referral by saying thank you with a nice gift.

We then came across this ingenious website called www.boomf.com

What it does is simple, it puts your photos onto marshmallows and posts it to whoever you like!

Genius right?

These is a really cool way to say thank you to:

  • Good Referrers
  • Good Clients
  • Good Suppliers
  • Andrew and Pete 😉

And it only costs £15, with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!!

OK, so you aren’t going to want to send 100+, but it is always nice to say thank you to the key people who have generated income for you, be it through paying you, or getting somebody else to pay you! You may even get more for being so damn creative 🙂

Here’s a cool idea we had. As you can see in the video, the marshmallows come in a 3×3 grid, so you could send a mixed up photo for the receiver to put together like a jigsaw first, then eat! It could be a photo of you, with a big speech bubble saying ‘thank you’, or something personal to your relationship with the person.

ACTION: Go check out www.boomf.com now, and send something creative to a lucky person.