All I Want for My Business is Views | A Marketing Sing Song

We’ve done it again! We had such fun creating this marketing sing song with our ATOMIC members… #TeamATOMIC rules!

We’ve taken Mariah Carey’s classic hit, All I Want for Christmas is You and adapted it for all you marketers and business owners! 🎄

👉 Watch the video and get ready for a giggle 🤣


Gemma Jay – Wedding Handbook
Jacqueline Leake – J Leake VA Services
Dona & Andrew Scaife – WBS Accountants Ltd
Heather Wright – Savvy Agent
Jemima Willcox – Jemima Willcox Photography
Natalie Hailey – Hot Content
Nicole Osborne – Lollipop Social
Sarah Clay – Sarah Clay Social
Heather Williams – ATOMIC Community Manager
Tracey Tait – TranscendYOU
Art Villafane – Custom Information Services
John Doorbar – John
Allison Christie – Tick the List with Allison Christie
Claire Grace – The Assistant Quarters
Steve Bonthrone – Steve Bonthrone Fitness
John Espirian – Espirian
Gerry King – i-Netco Ltd
Gwen Backhouse – Curlew Secretarial Solutions
Jane Travis – Grow Your Practice with Jane Travis
Michaela Hardt – Nutmad
Melinda Thomas – Melinda Thomas Creative
Janet Murray –
Vicki Nicolsen – Vicki Nicolsen


A marketer’s 12 days of Christmas

Marketing my business online – The ATOMIC Christmas choir

I don’t want a lot for my business
There is just one thing I need
I wish more Facebook Page likes
Grew upon Christmas Trees
I don’t think I’m being unfair
I just want to be a Billionaire
Make my wish come true
All I want for my Business…. Is views

I don’t want a lot for my business
Just a viral hit at last
Just a webinar that works
And a funnel making money fast
I could do with writing more blogs
But do I really have the time
Santa won’t you write it for me
While your elves pass me the wine
I just want it all today
Shares, likes and comments make my day
Make my wish come true
All I want for my Business
Is Views

Views, Baby
Oh I won’t ask for much this Christmas
But more subs would be a Plus
Or maybe a Blue Tick on Twitter
Just so I feel so famous
I will grow my list and send it
A pointless e-Christmas card
Handy Merge Tags are my friends cos
I don’t even know who you are
But I’m hoping you’ll buy from me
Or at least please Retweet
I’d love it if you do
Cause Baby All I want for my Business
Is Views….

Views, baby
Oh oh – all the guru’s shouting
You must be everywhere
Gimme one more thing to do
I think that I may swear
Is anyone else so sick?
Of crappy tips and tricks?
Let’s all think this through
We got quite a lot to do
We should really follow Andrew and Pete’s
90:10 Rule
Oh I want quite a lot for my business
But this is all I’m asking for
I just want to see it grow
And know that I’m responsible

I just want to be content
With the amount of content
That I have to produce
And not be constantly worrying