A Quick but Extremely Important Tip for Video Marketing Audience Retention

Videos are so important in 2015 so we wanted to share with you an extremely important tip.

Here it is: Delve into content in the first couple of seconds!

We have seen so many videos (some of ours included) start with a logo or intro in the first couple seconds but this is a BIG mistake.

Why? If you don’t capture attention in the first moments of a video, you risk people switching off!

Facebook and Youtube have free analytics built in, so you can measure ‘audience retention’ and if you can see massive dips after the first couple seconds then you need to do something about it!

So you either need to jump straight into the ‘good stuff’ or, if you really want an intro, here’s a great model you can use:

-> Start with some ‘Pre-Intro Content’. The first thing you do is say what the video is going to be about and what they will learn, or have something entertaining that captures attention. This is to ‘wet their appetite’ so they really want to continue to watch. Great examples are Marie Forleo, who goes for entertaining/funny, whilst Gary Vaynerchuk opts for what the video is about/benefits.

-> Now you’ve got their attention you can have your intro music, your logo or whatever you like

-> Now delve into the content!

ACTION: Look at the analytics of your videos to measure audience retention. Here’s where you can find Facebook’s and Youtube’s

ACTION: Plan your next video with the above model in mind.