A Twitter Auto-DM Strategy that Actually Works? | You Won’t Believe the Reaction this Gets

How much do you hate Twitter’s automatic Direct Messages.

Like. Seriously. Annoying.

People hounding you to like their Facebook Page, check out their website, or even worse… buy something!

That’s got to be the definition of jumping the gun right? From something as innocent as a follow on Twitter, to BUY my stuff in less than a minute!

So we wanted to turn that on it’s head, and came up with our Twitter Auto-DM strategy that, seems to be… actually working.

If you were to head on over to www.twitter.com/andrewandpete and give us a follow (if you aren’t already), you will be presented with this direct message:

How intriguing is that?! Which takes you to this page:

Select one of these (the most popular choice is ‘kick us where us hurts’ – apparently we have vengeful followers), then you get…


And an option to download something if you so wish.

So what was our thinking behind it?

Quite simply, we were thinking the best way to break through these spammy messages, was to firstly acknowledge that – yes this is an automatic message which traditionally is bad. Then secondly have some fun with it, and catch people off guard.

Side Note: We use SocialOomph to send the auto-DM.

So does it work?

The results have been quite funny. As we would expect some people simply ignore the message, or don’t see it. The Message box is a spam-fest, and a lot of people don’t check it for that reason.

However we have had some great results and some great interactions from it.

Some people even take a screenshot and share it on Twitter because they think it is genius – seriously – they are sharing our spam – that is a good result right? Here’s a snapshot of some of the best responses (we get loads), shared publicly on Twitter…

So how can you do it too?

We understand this kind of message goes with our branding, and for you, this may not work.

So what we would say instead is just think a little bit creatively, if you want to do something similar.

Here’s some pointers:

  • Acknowledging that it is an auto-DM is clever, pretending that you message is something it isn’t is a sure fire way to get ignored by that person.
  • Don’t give a generic call to action, like follow me on Facebook. You need to give somebody a reason to go do something.
  • If you aren’t going to use humour, giving something extremely valuable away in an automatic message can be a nice way to soften the blow. It needs to be 100% free though, don’t even ask for an email. Going back to our first point – don’t jump the gun!

We shared this strategy with a contact of ours, who implemented it in her own way (relying more on value than humour), she booked 4 sales calls within the first week of it going live.

ACTION: You need to get thinking now. Firstly is your auto-DM guilty of jumping the gun? If so, go fix it! Secondly can you take some inspiration from our example and apply it to your own?