How to Add Subtitles to Your YouTube and Facebook Videos | The Quick and Easy Way

A huge proportion of online videos are now being watched on mobile, and – out of those – you may find the majority are probably being watched without sound.

For that reason, adding subtitles isn’t a nice to have anymore – it’s a must have.

But – especially if you are producing video content regularly – how do you easily, quickly and CHEAPLY add subtitles to your videos. In this video we run through 2 methods of doing so, one completely free, and one fast and cheap.

Here’s a link to the tool we use, 🙂



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Video Transcript (for all you who like to read)

In this video we show you how to easily add subtitles to your videos in two ways. First one is absolutely free. And the second one costs a tiny bit of money, but it saves you so much time so it’s definitely worth it.

Yes, let’s get this going.

Subtitles are so important these days because more and more people are watching video without sound, specifically on mobile, especially when they are out and about. So if you don’t have subtitles, your video might not get watched because they’ve got no idea what it’s about if they’re watching it without audio.
You might be even watching this video right now and you can’t even hear us.

You’ve got no idea what we sound like. We might have the best accents in the world, but you have no clue. I feel like we should talk in funny accents now.

Yeah you’re like so missing out on our accents right now. Why aye man. Totally.

Here’s the first completely free way to add subtitles. So the first thing you are going to want to do is go to YouTube and upload your video as a private video so nobody can see it yet. So we’re just gonna show you, on one of our old videos that doesn’t currently have subtitles, how to do this.
But at this point you should have your video uploaded, it shouldn’t have any views, it should just be completely private at this point.

But you should be able to still watch it on this screen. At this screen you just click this button here. Subtitles/CC.

Feel free to select your language here. Then just click on the Published Subtitles button. At this point you will get to this page and you will see YouTube has already tried to pre-populate your subtitles. It takes a guess basically, what you’ve said. Sometimes it is quite good at guessing, other times it is way off.

So you’re probably gonna have to watch through this video and make some edits so just click the Edit button. And here you can see if it lines up to what you’re saying, and you can make edits. So you can drag these around, you can shorten them, you can just type in here and change what you’re saying.

I feel like that one was correct, but let’s just say that’s saying Pete instead, Andrew is the best at this point. You can change it like that, and when you are done just click publish edits.

And there you go, you now have subtitles. We’ve just skipped to a different video where we have published these captions properly.

And what’s really cool now is that you can click this Actions button here and download what’s called an SRT file. So this is a standardised subtitles file that you can then use on other platforms to upload your subtitles to.

So that comes in quite handy. Another quick YouTube hack is that if you put this tag in your video tags, yt:cc=on then your subtitles will always be on automatically rather than you having to actually add them yourself as you start watching.

They’ll always display automatically at first, and you have to knock them off if you want them off. But what if you’re uploading videos natively to Facebook, well the process is actually very similar.

Find the video that you wanna add subtitles to, clock the three little dots, edit post, and then click on Captions. And you’ve got two options here, you can upload the SRT file, so if you’ve already done this on YouTube you can literally just upload that SRT file. Or you can do exactly the same process on Facebook as you’ve just done on YouTube, and type in the captions as you go.

Remember to click Save to Video. So that’s the free way to do it, but it’s also the longer way to do it.
Those caption generators sometimes aren’t the most accurate of things.

It’s quite funny actually, seeing what they come out with. So you might find yourself spending quite a lot of time editing the captions and typing them in yourself, which isn’t really ideal if you wanna be posting videos quite regularly.

The second issue with this method is that they don’t always display. And it all depends on the individual’s sound settings. So to get them to display all the time, guaranteed, what you’ll have to do is embed the subtitles on to the actual video file.

And we have a hack for that too. One of our favourite new websites is, because what this will do, is it will create that SRT file for you, for ridiculously cheap. They only charge $1 per minute of your video.

Nice. It’s super easy to order, and in our experience have always arrived in less than 24 hours after actually ordering, which is super ridiculously fast.
They guarantee a 99% accuracy, but if there is the odd word that’s incorrect, they’ve got this really cool built in editor as well.

So just double check that everything is okay, and then you can just download that SRT file from here, to upload to YouTube and to upload to Facebook. Thus saving you time transcribing all your videos. Just something to point out here, because we have fell victim to this ourselves, if you are in the UK then you’re gonna wanna change your preferred English type to UK English, or you will get lots of Z’s instead of S’s.

Now if you want the subtitles actually embedded on the videos so they’ll always appear there are software that will do that. A lot of the more technical video editors have ways of doing that for you. But we’ve found a really quick way of doing it is just using Fiverr.

If you literally just go to Fiverr, and search for Embed Subtitles on Video, hit Search, there are an absolute tonne of people who can do this for you.
Bear in mind a lot of these don’t actually do the transcription of your video, so it is useful to use something like Rev to get that transcription done really really cheaply, and then send it to someone from Fiverr to actually embed it on the video.

And voila you have a video with subtitles, woo-hoo. So that was a bit more of a technical video for you today guys.

Let us know if you found it useful and if you wanna see more of these technical how-to style videos from us, and we’ll do some more. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and like our Facebook page, for more of these weekly videos.

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I’ve been Andrew. I’ve been Pete. See you next week. See ya. I think we need some like music outro at this point. Next week we’ll see if we have that. Stay tuned.