ANNOUNCEMENT: atomicon is moving, everyone gets a 6 month extension, and atomic: Live & Kicking is happening

atomicon to move to november 9th 2021


Due to the COVID-19, it's looking extremely unlikely that we'll be able to put on the event we had planned in April, and with social distancing looking to be around for a while yet, we've made the decision to move this event.

We picked November 9th 2021 to push it as far as we can, and reduce as much risk as possible of an additional move, and deliver as much of a transformative event as we can, for as many ATOMIC members as we can.

We are so pleased all of our speakers can make the new date, though obviously with our international speakers, we're going to have to see how things progress over the next few months. We've also added a few more speakers to the line-up, check it out here.


Since the majority of members have ATOMICON included at no extra charge in their membership, we've made the decision to give all ATOMIC Members who have ATOMICON included, a 6 month free extension. That means that from today, every member will have an ACTIVE Membership on the day of ATOMICON.

Important: Logistically how this is going to work - is that your current annual renewal date has been pushed back by 6 months. If you are in the middle of a payment plan, you will stay finish your payment plan, but you won't be asked to renew until 18 moths AFTER you joined ATOMIC. You don't need to do anything to claim this, your renewal date has already been extended automatically.

On an old plan? Don't worry: If you are on an old ATOMIC Monthly plan (and therefore don't have a renewal date and ATOMICON isn't included in your membership), you will receive an email (on Mon 9th Nov) to explain how you can take advantage of this 6 month free extension too. If you are on an old Annual Plan, you will receive an email too.

If you are a past-member, or have never been an ATOMIC Member, you can join or rejoin before Friday November 13th and also get 18 months of membership for the price of 12 and your ATOMICON ticket. You can take a £1 trial to lock in this deal here.


We know the importance of events, so at this time we're planning on doing 'something' smaller on the original ATOMICON date of April 27th 2021, that we're calling ATOMIC: Live and Kicking.

This is going to replace ATOMIC X - our Christmas event, which unfortunately is another 2020 casualty and won't be going ahead this year.


ATOMIC: Live and Kicking is more than likely going to be a smaller hybrid virtual/live event in Newcastle. We're looking at some potential outdoor venues, and some indoor ones too, that will allow us to put on a smaller event following government guidelines, that will also be streamed for our friends who can't make it.

More information will be coming next year about this. But we're super excited to get the gang back together in some form.


If you have any questions about this, please email 


Do I need to re-register for ATOMICON? Nope if you already have your ticket (registered on Eventbrite) you don't need to do anything. If you think you should have a ticket and don't please email us on and we can check for you.


I've already booked travel, what should I do? We'd suggest trying to move any pre-booked travel to the new ATOMICON date. If that's not possible, please wait for now for more information on ATOMIC: Live and Kicking, and let us know you have any travel issues by emailing - and we'll do our best to help.


Is ATOMICON still going to be live streamed? Yes, we know some of our members either can't or would prefer a virtual event. We have an epic virtual alternative planned for ATOMICON in November for those who prefer virtual to live events. More info about that will be released in the New Year.


Are you planning on doing ATOMICON in November every year? It's unlikely we'll be in November again in 2022, and April 2022 is also unlikely. No date has been decided yet, but it's probably going to be at some point in-between.


Is ATOMIC: Live and Kicking free with membership? Once we have a better idea of what is possible in April next year, we'll work out pricing for this event. If we can manage to do something in person, this will probably be a low cost event. We wish we could tell you more about this... we just wanted you to know what we were planning, and that all will be revealed soon!