Apple Clips Tutorial | How to Use Apple Clips

You may have heard Apple released the app ‘Clips‘ recently. Clips is cool because it is the first mainstream app that automatically subtitles your videos – as you record them!

​It’s is a 100% free app that makes effective social media video creation EASIER and QUICKER. And come on… who doesn’t want that? In the video above we talk about how to use Clips and what it can do for your marketing.

We are super impressed with what it can do – let us know what you think!


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There’s a new tool in town that auto captions your videos automatically. In real time. – Whoa. – Which could be a real game changer for your Facebook and Instagram strategy. – It’s called Clips. It’s by Apple. And here is how to use it. – So this is Clips, and heres the screen that you get. Hello everybody. Hello Andrew. – Hello. – To record on Apple Clips all you have to do is hold the big, red Hold To Record button. – [Andrew] Can’t quite see that. Mmm. – And if you actually, it’s huge. And if you actually slide it over to the left it locks it in place. – Clever. – Which is quite, quite clever. And you tap to stop. To add captions while you’re doing this all you have to do is click on this caption icon, and then you can chose which type of caption to use. Some of these look a little bit ugly. I really like this one on the bottom left because its not covering your face. So now if I try and talk and press the record button it will automatically caption. Watch. So here I am talking and it is auto captioning everything that I say. How cool is that? So this button at the bottom here I can press play, and I just tap on the second one here. And there you go, you can see that it has auto captioned. It’s not 100% accurate. – It doesn’t like you accent. – It makes you speak – [Andrew] A little bit clearer. – A little bit clearer I think. Maybe it’s a good thing. – This is really important because 85% of videos are now watched without sound. So we need to be subtitling our videos, and this makes subtitling so much easier. – But that’s not all it does. Here’s some other cool features. So the cool thing you can also do is, you can record over a photo or video. So for example, – [Andrew] Oh, dangerous, Pete’s photo library. – [Pete] Here we go. Here’s me doing a bit of Instagram DJ-ing here. You can actually zoom in which is quite cool. So if I press record now on this clip, it will play my voice over the video and lower the volume of the video playing. And when I stop talking it will just bring the volume back up which is really cool because it also adds your voice into it. So here’s a test. So this me mixing some music. Now if I play this back. What you saw there was when it was in real time captioning the video it didn’t quite get it right, but afterwards it corrected itself, and sometimes it does that. If you record a video and you’re not quite ready what you can do is just tap it, and drag it up, and throw it away. And it’s gone, boom. – [Andrew] So here at the bottom is your little timeline then? – [Pete] Yes. – [Andrew] Of this video that you’re making? – [Pete] Exactly. So all the little clips come and form this video. And when you’re done you can press done and export, and you can export it using this button here to wherever you want. And if you want to reopen it, press opening again and you can edit all the clips again. What you can also do though, there are some other cool features I want to show you. So what you can also do is add some effects. – So you can also turn yourself into a comic if you really want. And you can add some kind of, there’s a cool animated things like this. So actually when you press play that kind of goes doot, doot, doot, doot, which is cool. You can also add some text. For example, – [Andrew] The end. – [Pete] The end. – [Andrew] Very dramatic. You added that, right? – [Pete] Yeah. You can type yeh. Yeh. Once you’ve recorded your videos you can actually turn them off. – [Andrew] The captions? – [Pete} Yeah. What you can also do is add music from your own music, or from soundtracks that are preloaded into AppleClips. All copyright free. So now when you play it has cool music in the background too. Another cool thing you can do is, I’ve recorded over this video with my voice to add captions, but if I just want to the captions and not my voice what I can do is click on this sound icon, and mute the recorded audio. So then my voice doesn’t actually play, but the captions will play on it. So if I play it now it just plays the video, but my captions come up at the top? And That’s about it guys. – Pretty damn cool, right? You can see how many cool videos you start creating for your social media accounts using this app. So guys that is Apple Clips. It’s only available for Apple users at the moment. I’m sure there’ll be a version that comes out for Android soon. But if you’ve got an Apple phone, go and download it. Get experimenting, get a little bit creative, and create some clips, I guess they’re going to call them. – Yeah. Why don’t you send them our way so we can see what you’ve made. – If you want to get more of these videos in your inbox every single week, then please go subscribe to Atomic Lite. Also subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our Facebook page as we’ll be posting them there too. – Woo hoo. He’s been Andrew. – He’s been Pete. – See you next week. – Why is that funny, that’s your name?