Are you making the most of your ‘Thank You’ pages?

Here’s a neat little trick that not many businesses take full advantage of…your ‘Thank You’ page.

Whenever we get somebody to do something on our websites, be it:
– Buy something
– Subscribe
– Sign up
– Fill in a contact form
– Something similar

…usually we can redirect the visitor to a Thank You page.

DO NOT take this page for granted. Why? Think about it… when else in a customer’s journey through your website can you for definite say…

“This visitor is interested in my business enough to take action”

And so, by saying simply ‘Thank You, click here to visit the Home Page’ we are missing out on interacting more with our MOST INTERESTED potential customers.

So what should you do?

ACTION: Make a list of all the times on your website you ask a customer to do something (if you have a brochure website this could simply be to fill in a contact form).

ACTION: Next to each one write down if/where there is a Thank You Page.

You may at this stage have just 1 thank you page to improve, or you may have many!

ACTION: Now, next to each Thank You Page write down what else you could ask the customer to do to continue the interaction with your business. Depending on your customer’s journey with you up to this point, this isn’t going to be the same for everybody, but to give you some examples, you could…

– Ask them to follow you on your social networks
– Ask them to leave a comment
– Ask them to leave a review
– Suggest they read some interesting content
– Suggest they sign up to your mailing list
– Suggest some free training/downloads
– Or even up-sell something if appropriate!

The more we can get potential customers engaging with us in a useful/interesting/entertaining way the more likely they going to be to:
– Buy from you
– Remember you
– Reccomend you

So don’t take this lightly, this is a really powerful opportunity to achieve TOMA!