Everything you need to know about attending ATOMICON 2023…ANSWERED!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and a massive pile of them at that), you’ve probably heard of ATOMICON.

However, if you haven’t got your ticket yet, you probably have a few questions about attending that we might not have answered before. That’s what this post is all about. We’re here to answer any and ALL your ATOMICON questions.

If you already have your ticket (woop, woop), then this post will answer any pre-event questions you have too!

Let’s go!

In a rush? Pick a question you need answering, or just have a leisurely scroll and read…

    1. What is ATOMICON?
    2. When is ATOMICON?
    3. Who is speaking
    4. What hotels do you recommend?
    5. Will I have to buy my own lunch on the day of the event?
    6. How do I get there?
    7. How easy is it to get around Newcastle and Gateshead
    8. What is a multi-track event?
    9. What is ATOMICWorld?
    10. Are there parties? And if so, gimmie details
    11. When do you release the agenda?
    12. Introvert here! Have you put anything in place to help us introverts out?
    13. What’s your refund policy?
    14. Do you charge VAT?
    15. What do I wear?
    16. How is this different from other marketing and business conferences?
    17. Can I sponsor this event?
    18. Where can I park?
    19. I have accessibility needs. Can you accommodate me?
    20. I’m not staying at a hotel. Can I store my stuff anywhere
    21. I have dietary requirements. How can I let you know?
    22. Who is ATOMICON for
    23. I’d like to send my team, do you offer multiple purchase discounts?

1. What is ATOMICON?

ATOMICON is the UK’s biggest sales and marketing conference for entrepreneurs and small business owners like you.

You will leave the conference with four key things that will help skyrocket your business:

  • New skills
  • New ideas
  • New contacts
  • New confidence

Each session is highly actionable, practical, and, most importantly, non-salesy! 🤢

ATOMICON is multi-track, which is incredible because it means you don’t have to sit through the sessions that aren’t applicable to you. And don’t worry, ALL sessions are professionally recorded, so you can watch them later.

ATOMICON is a 100% no-pitch event. The only thing you’ll be offered is a discounted ticket to the next event.

If you want to see the agenda, it’s just here.

Joe Wicks at ATOMICON, marketing conference UK

2. When is ATOMICON?

On Tuesday, 13th June 2023. The main event starts at 9 am (doors open at 8 am for networking) and finishes around 6 pm. There’s also an after-party too.

If you can, try to stay two nights, from Monday 12th June – Wednesday 14th June, then you’ll take advantage of all the events and socials available.

3. Who is speaking?

Anyone who knows us knows how seriously we take selecting our speakers for ATOMICON.

We pick people who walk the walk–not professional ‘talkers’ who go around the speaker circuit delivering the same talk week-in-week-out. 🥱

We choose people who we know can help you because they’ve done it themselves. They are self-made multi-millionaires who have built businesses that let them live life on their own terms – without stress and without spending all their hours chained to a desk!

Plus, some have even set Guinness world records for how much they’ve sold! 😲

And on that note, here are our amazing speakers!

Keynotes by; Rachel Rodgers, Joe Wicks, and Andrew & Pete.

Speakers on the day; Matt Navarra, Lea Turner, Dani Wallace, Mark Wright, Daniel Priestly, Grace Marshall, Teresa Heath-Wareing, Chris Kubby, Emmanuel Asuquo, Melissa Love, Prerna Malik, Harry Needham, Paul Ramondo, Debbie Dooodah, Rob Lennon, Nikki Hesford & Chris James

Rachel Rodgers speaking at ATOMICON 2023

4. What hotels do you recommend?

You are spoiled for choice in Newcastle, with hotels to suit every budget and requirement.

If you fancy a little luxury while you’re here (and why not?), you can find gorgeous hotels for just £100/night.

Or you can stay in simple (yet super comfortable) hotels like Premier Inn for as little as £65.00 per night.

Here, you’ll find the official event hotel, and other options for you to consider.

5. Will I have to buy my own lunch on the day of the event?

So, it’s fair to say you’ll be doing A LOT of learning at ATOMICON, and it would be unfair of us not to give you some food for all those mental calories you’ll be burning!

On the day, we will provide lunch for you, so there is no need to worry about that.

We’ll also provide tea and coffee and a few sweet treats! 😋

If you have any dietary requirements, such as vegan, nut allergy, gluten-free, any allergies etc., we will ask you when you purchase your ticket and ensure you have a suitable lunch for the day!

Top tip: Make sure you have a good nutritious breakfast to maintain your energy throughout the day.

6. How do I get there?

Luckily, Newcastle is pretty easy to get to no matter how you’re getting here, and the venue is close to train and bus links.

Here’s how to get to the city…

Driving: Newcastle is on the A1 motorway, making it very easy to get to by car.

Train: Newcastle Central Train Station is about a 5-minute drive.

Flying: Newcastle International Airport is a 10-minute drive away, from those travelling from overseas.

If you live in the UK, checking flight time/prices isn’t a bad idea either; you can sometimes find good deals from London airports.

7. How easy is it to get around Newcastle and Gateshead?

Newcastle is a very walkable city. And all the hotels we’ve suggested are within walking distance to the venue.

If you want to explore, we have an extensive Metro (underground/tube) and bus lines to get you wherever you need to go.

We also have Uber here too. More info here: https://atomic.site/atomicon/hotels-and-travel/

The Tyne Bridge in Newcastle

8. What is a multi-track event?

A multi-track event is an event that offers multiple simultaneous sessions or ‘tracks’.

It means that instead of having a single agenda or schedule for all attendees, multiple sessions are happening simultaneously.

This allows you to choose the sessions that align with your needs and goals!

Essentially, it means you can customise this event to suit you! And you don’t have to attend sessions that aren’t applicable, good, eh?

And don’t worry; if there are two sessions you fancy happening at the same time, all sessions are professionally recorded so you can watch them afterwards.

You can find the ATOMICON agenda here.

9. What is ATOMICWorld?

When you grab a ticket for ATOMICON, you don’t just get access to the world’s best sales and marketing conference, you also gain access to ATOMICWorld!

ATOMICWorld takes place two weeks before the event–from Tuesday, 30 May to Tuesday, 12 June.

We always wanted to set up an event before ATOMICON that…

  1. Gave even more value to our attendees
  2. Helps our attendees meet other people before ATOMICON

ATOMICWorld is the ‘road to ATOMICON’ virtual event featuring value-packed sessions from amazing business owners such as Mari Smith, Joe Pulizzi and Sigrun.

ATOMICWorld alone is worth way beyond the price of the ticket!

ATOMICWorld also takes place in the Metaverse and is accessed via desktop – so you don’t need to get headsets.

10. Are there parties? And if so, gimmie details!

Nah. No parties. Sorry. 😔

Who are we kidding? Of course, there are parties!

But first, we want to assure you that some people love parties (like Pete), and some people, even though they LOVE talking to others, can find parties exhausting and overwhelming at times (like Andrew).

So we make sure to make every aspect of ATOMICON introvert-friendly. We won’t force you to do anything cheesy or cringe (those events are hell on earth!)

These networking parties are super informal, with no expectations. There’s plenty of space to break off into smaller groups and have quieter chats. There’s also plenty of space to dance and let your hair down! Whatever you prefer, there’s something for you.

At ATOMICON, we have two networking parties…

A pre-ATOMICON party on 12 June from 7 pm at The River Brew Co (an independent container settlement located at Hillgate Quays, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE8 2FD). The theme is ‘jazzy shirt’ – so if you want to wear something ‘jazzy’, feel free!

We will also have an after party on 13th June after the main event. The venue will be announced soon!

Fun fact, one of our attendees landed their biggest client (a project worth 30K+) at a previous ATOMICON afterparty. It’s a great way to make some new connections!

Most of the speakers also attend these parties too!

To find out more about the parties and more events happening the day before (also known as Fringe Day), just visit here.

11. When do you release the agenda?

The agenda is now live! Woop! So you can now start planning what sessions you’re going to attend! Check it out here. 

12. Introvert here! Have you put anything in place to help us introverts out?

We guarantee you will not be forced into a circle and told to introduce yourself (We’re shuddering at the thought!)

ATOMICON is an introvert-friendly event, with plenty of break time to recharge in our dedicated chill-out zones–quiet spaces for when you need to, well, chill out!

We also throw 2 great ice-breaking networking parties, so if you come alone to ATOMICON, we make it easy to meet new people straight away. There is also a Fringe Day event (on Monday, 12 June) just for Introverts hosted by Fifi Mason.

13. What’s your refund policy?

Typically there is a generous refund period where there is a FULL refund on your ticket if, for whatever reason, you can’t make the date. This is no question asked.

Currently (May 2023 – a month before the event), we are past the refund stage. You are welcome, however, to re-sell your ticket and request a name change on your ticket free of charge.

If you’ve purchased an in-person ticket, we can look at changing this to a virtual ticket if you need it. Please contact us at whistle@andrewandpete.com to request this.

14. Do you charge VAT?

Every ticket has 20% VAT included, which UK VAT-registered companies can claim back.

Every price quoted on this site includes the VAT. If you are not VAT registered, check out as an ‘individual’ when prompted. You can get a VAT receipt from inside your account.

15. What do I wear?

Best answer: whatever you feel comfortable in! There’s no need to come in business attire (although please feel free if you want to!)

Most attendees dress casually on the day, but if you want to look extra special, check out our ATOMICON merch!

All the profits from merch sales will go to Curious Entrepreneurs–a social enterprise.

And for the parties, again, it’s what you feel comfortable in!

For our pre-event party, we encourage (but it’s definitely not mandatory) you to wear something jazzy! But ultimately, this is about whatever you want to wear and feel happy in!

16. How is this different from other marketing and business conferences?

ATOMICON just hits different.

It’s headlined by Joe Wicks OBE (AKA The Body Coach) and features some of the most incredible speakers who will deliver highly practical sessions. You’ll leave with a ton of ideas you can implement in your business right away.

Here’s what to expect…

1. Actionable takeaways
Strategies you can implement right away that will pay for the ticket price ten times over, month on month, forevermore.

2. Experience
This event is actually fun! Stuffy rooms, boring PowerPoints, icky sales tactics and bad coffee are officially BANNED at ATOMICON. ❌

We’ve previously had things like fire dancers, stilt walkers and ball pits… this really is the Disneyland of business conferences.

3. The People
It’s the people that make ATOMICON. As one previous attendee said, ‘Andrew and Pete manage to gather the most loveliest people all under one roof’ – we are so proud of our wonderful supportive community of people. Join us, and you’ll be more than welcome!

4. Inspiration & Connections
You will leave with a renewed love, excitement, and focus for your business, and you’ll have a whole bunch of new connections to support you as you go to that next level.

This really is one of the best events in Europe to attend (if we do say so ourselves 😉)

Click here to read more and grab your discounted ticket.

We are limited on sponsorship slots now, so if you’d like to sponsor ATOMICON, please email us at whistle@andrewandpete.com to see if you qualify.

18. Where can I park?

If you’re staying at a hotel, many offer parking, so check with the hotel/AirBnB you’re staying with first.

If you’re driving directly to us, you can park directly at the venue (handy!). You can find more information about that just here.

Some other car parks include:

Church Street car park: NE8 2AT

This car park is approximately 320 meters from our West door (Tyne Bridge side of the building). The car park is operated by Gateshead Council, and you can pay using cash or the Pay By Phone app. Click here for more information.

Quarryfield Road Car Park: NE8 3AE

Quarryfield Road is a little further from Sage Gateshead, around 800m walk, and houses 555 spaces. The car park is operated by Gateshead Council, and you can pay using cash or the Pay By Phone app. Click here for more information.

19. I have accessibility needs. Can you accommodate me?

Pete (one of the event organisers) is a wheelchair user himself! So the venue is fully accessible. And, of course, we would have picked an accessible venue anyway.

When you purchase a ticket, we will ask if you have any accessibility requirements.

And of course, you can also drop us an email at: whistle@andrewandpete.com too.

The most important thing to us is ATOMICON is available to everyone.

20. I’m not staying at a hotel. Can I store my stuff anywhere?

The venue has a cloakroom, and you will be able to store coats and belongings in there.

It’s worth noting that the venue does not take responsibility for anything lost/stolen/damaged etc!

21. I have dietary requirements. How can I let you know?

When you book a ticket, you’ll be asked if you have any dietary requirements.

If you’ve already booked your ticket and didn’t add dietary requirements, drop us an email at whistle@andrewandpete.com

22. Who is ATOMICON for?

This event is primarily for entrepreneurs and small business owners. But larger companies have also sent their marketing, sales and leadership teams too, who have got a heck of a lot out of it!

23. I’d like to send my team, do you offer multiple purchase discounts?

We do offer a discount depending on how many people you’re thinking of sending, just drop us an email at whistle@andrewandpete.com and let’s chat!