Common Myths About Attending ATOMICON We Want to Debunk Right Now!

ATOMICON Business Conference, UK
So you’ve heard about this ATOMICON, and you think it sounds kinda cool (read: ABSOLUTELY EPIC). In our opinion (and the many, many people that have attended over the years), it’s a staple in the diary–not to be missed.

But if you haven’t been before, then maybe you have a couple of niggling worries that you want to put to bed before pressing the ‘buy now’ button.

And we get that–it’s time and money away from your business, so you need to ensure it’s the right decision for you (spoiler: it is).

That’s why we’re chatting about some of the most common myths around ATOMICON and putting them to bed.

So if you’re hesitating for any reason, keep reading….

1. It’s an expense

Well, yes, ATOMICON is a paid event, so initially, it will cost you money. But when you attend conferences as EPIC as ATOMICON, then your ROI is huge.

Have you ever heard: “your network is your net worth”?

It’s true! And attending a conference like ATOMICON is the chance to explode your network, by meeting potential new clients, reconnecting with old ones or making connections with people who can open up more doors for you.
In fact, it’s so important, we actually build networking into the main event as well as the fringe event the day before. We facilitate connections so that you can meet people who you’d love to work with (whether that’s as a client or partnership).

In fact, we recently asked past attendees:

“Have you ever landed a client from attending a conference (either directly or as a referral)?”

And these were some of the responses that we got…

WOW! Some pretty amazing testimonials in there and proof that a ticket to ATOMICON will pay dividends for the future–and that’s in the networking alone.

But of course, you’ve also got a massive amount of learnings too. We pack the main event, the fringe event and the run-up to the event with actionable learnings that you can implement to grow your business.

These new skills will deliver a huge return on your investment.

For example, if you learn how to close 50% more sales, how much is that going to be worth for your business over time?

Is it worth more than the ticket price?

If the answer is yes, then you know what you need to do.

Joe Wicks at ATOMICON, marketing conference UK

2. I’ve been to conferences before and didn’t gain anything from them

Have you ever been to a conference and not learnt anything?

We get it! It’s frustrating when you take time out of your business and spend money going to a conference and don’t learn anything new.

But that’s why we’ve highly vetted our team of incredible speakers. These speakers are incredible business owners who aren’t just talking the talk, they are walking the walk! They are all hugely successful and knowledgeable. Everything they teach you about, they have put into practice themselves and with their clients, time-and-time-again. And they’re going to be sharing that unique, actionable knowledge with you.

Plus, it’s a multi-track event, so you can choose the talks that will have the most benefit to your business – no need to sit through sessions that have no benefit to you.

We guarantee that you will learn something new.

3. You should really be doing client work

It’s easy to get caught in a vicious cycle when you are a business owner that keeps you constantly working in your business rather than on it.

And can we let you in on a secret?

It’s a trap!

While it might seem like you need to be constantly busy with client work, actually… not taking time out of your business to learn and network will stunt the growth of your business.

Yes, we know that taking two days out of your business when you have a list as long as your arm seems counter-intuitive. But until you learn how to grow your business how the successful people do it, you’ll forever have a list as long as your arm of things to do.

Luckily, ATOMICON teaches you how to scale your business so that you can make more money and have more time to spend on the things you love–while also having a successful business. Yes, it is possible. But only when you learn how 😉

Rachel Rodgers speaking at ATOMICON 2023

4. It’s loud and busy

Is the thought of a loud and busy event your idea of hell?

We totally get it, Andrew is the introvert of the two of us, and he also needs a little downtime at events in amongst all the networking and learning.

Andrew even asked about what we could do as event organisers to help introverts during ATOMICON, and the responses were amazing!

Because of this, we’ve created ways to bring some peace and serenity to ATOMICON. We get that it’s a busy couple of days, learning and meeting new people, and your social battery and brainpower can get drained if there is no time to recharge. So, we’ve put in place chill-out zones where you can get some much-needed downtime in a quiet space (and it’s a good place to spot a fellow introvert too!)

We also have extended breaks so you can get a little extra time to relax.

Finally, and we’re really, really not just saying this, but there’s an incredible mix of lovely, supportive people here. No sales or ‘bro marketing’ tactics. Just lovely business owners who champion each other and genuinely are the nicest people! (Okay, we’ll stop getting soppy now).

5. You don’t know anyone at the conference

Don’t let this stop you, come for yourself first and foremost. This is an experience to change your life.

Having said that, one thing we can almost guarantee is that you’ll leave with some new like-minded work friends.

The amazing friendly community we’ve built through ATOMICON, and the friends that people have made are one of the things we are most proud of. (We went back to being soppy again, didn’t we?)

If the idea of sparking a conversation with a stranger makes you nervous, then we’ve set up a pre-event matchmaking service. You let us know what type of people you are looking to meet, and our team will organise calls before the event, so you’ll know a few friendly faces when you get there!

The networking isn’t forced or cheesy either, don’t worry.


6. You want to attend a conference specifically related to what you do

It is excellent to go to industry conferences so you can stay up-to-date, and improve your skills.

But let’s say you are an SEO specialist and only go to SEO events.

Will anyone at a conference where everyone does the same as you buy from you?

No, because they can already do what you can do.

Of course, it’s still a brilliant investment and will likely teach you some industry-specific skills. But we’ve personally found that going to a good mix of conferences that are both related to our speciality AND attract a broad range of people is best.

Plus, it’s always good to get an outside perspective. We’ve found that some industries can get so entrenched in what they do that they fall into the “it’s how we’ve always done it trap.

Getting some outside perspectives can really help you switch things up and apply something new that could help grow your business.

7. The speakers are an unusual bunch!

We’ll start by saying this. Our speakers are EPIC.

We knew when we set up ATOMICON, we had one rule when it came to picking speakers: no snooze-fests & no crap speakers.

If you’ve been to some other events, you’ll be familiar with some of the speakers who do the same old speaker circuits, speaking at every conference in the country.

And while many are brilliant, we wanted people who are doing epic work with their businesses (not just good speakers) to inspire you. The speakers we hire are experts in their field and have put in the work to apply their knowledge to their businesses.

But of course, they are also amazing speakers. Fun, engaging, and full of amazing knowledge.

We also made sure we booked speakers who don’t sell! There’ll be no requests for you to head to the back of the room to book onto a secret successful sales formula coaching programme. 🙄

ATOMICON - UK's biggest marketing & events conference

8. Is Newcastle ACTUALLY as good as London!?

Howay man!

We know it’s pretty popular to have conferences in London, but we think having the event in Newcastle makes it that much more exciting than the others out there.

Newcastle is a nice mid-point, we’ve got business owners coming in from all over the UK and the world – and it’s an extremely easy point to get to.

Plus, it’s much less expensive than London, so you don’t have to add the extortionate hotel costs onto the travel and ticket price. Also, according to this highly accurate source, beer is 62% more expensive in London #JustSaying 😂

No, honestly, we’re not bashing London here. We love the city and have attended some fab events there, however, we know that Newcastle is the perfect home for ATOMICON. It’s amazing for a night out AND perfect for families too. It has everything you could possibly need.

The Tyne Bridge in Newcastle

Ready to hit up Atomicon?

So, there you have it!

The answer to all those burning questions that have been making you hold off hitting purchase.

ATOMICON is an amazing event (if we do say so ourselves) that comes packed with learnings, new business friends and ultimately the skills to help scale and grow your small business.

So what’s holding you back now?

If you’ve got any more questions just drop us an email at You can buy your ATOMICON ticket here.