Every decision we make focusses on our ATOMIC Members. Delivering what they need, keeping them ahead of the curve, and making them feel a part of the community we're building.

So if you're wondering why we don't offer stand alone ATOMICON tickets, it comes down to 2 main reasons:

  • It takes away our focus from 100% serving our members.
  • It allows us to provide the best ATOMICON experience for our members.

Let's break each of those down...




In ATOMIC we teach how to focus on every aspect of your business. When we ran our inaugural ATOMICON in 2019 (and started marketing it in 2018), it was a bit of a test... we were working a lot of stuff out as we went.

Not only did we learn the hard way just how much work it takes to run an event, but also we felt completely pulled away from our main focus... our ATOMIC community.

So we made the decision a few weeks after ATOMICON 2019, that ATOMICON needs to be part of the community we're building... not something separate that anyone can attend.

We took our own advice, it wasn't an easy decision because going against the 'done thing' in your industry often isn't, but we can see how it's paid off over the past year, by turning it into a community event.




Our loyalty has to lie with our ATOMIC members first and foremost, that's who's interest we need to have most at heart whenever we make a decision.

We got 2 main criticisms off the back of ATOMICON 2019:

  1. I did not like the style of the event and I was not expecting it to be so full on (maybe you can imagine walking into an Andrew-and-Pete-style event for the first time, and expecting it to be 'standard' event - it's a valid point).
  2. I did not feel part of the community, I felt like everyone knew each other.

These criticisms generally came from non-member attendees. And both are valid. ATOMICON 2019 was the highlight of our careers so far, to see our members, who have all been getting to know each other online - come together - and meet for the first time, was amazing to see.

If you are outside of that ATOMIC bubble, we can try our best to get you inside it, we had a whole FB group running for a whole month with the intention of connecting people prior to the event, but it's inevitable... if you're not in ATOMIC, you are going to know less people there, and if you're not use to the Andrew and Pete style, it might be a shock.

So again, this is a focus problem, we are a small team, catering to issues at ATOMICON caused by attendees not being in ATOMIC takes our focus away from making sure our ATOMIC Members are having the best possible time at their event.

Even this year at 2020, our focus was pulled away from the 'main' ATOMIC group in favour of the ATOMICON one. We don't want that to happen again.

And then the most important point... what is the purpose of ATOMICON in the grand scheme for members?

Attending events is awesome because:

  1. It's a great way to solidify relationships. Most of our connections, we meet online and become friends offline.
  2. It's a great pattern interrupt. Taking ourselves out of our day-to-day and giving us a shot in the arm of inspiration.

That's what we wanted ATOMICON to achieve from Day 1.

But we also know that the inspiration for most is fleeting. We see people turn up to the same events year on year, and not do anything in-between.

We care about our members progression, we want them to achieve amazing things, and although attending an event is 'sexier' than joining a membership, we know the constant training, constant community support, constant online events and the constant pattern interrupts that ATOMIC provides is more important... and our focus is making sure ATOMIC is delivering on that.

We're all in on building ATOMIC bigger-and-better this year. We want to sell out that venue, and give every member a great ATOMICON experience, by keeping ATOMICON member-only we can craft a member experience on the day that they deserve.


WE HOPE THAT EXPLAINS THINGS BETTER... at the end of the day it boils down to us wanting to help our members better. 2020 has been a really difficult year for so many, and all our efforts are going into making our members not just sustain their business growth through these trying times, but to transform them. Our members have invested so much in their businesses, and we want them to fly!


- Andrew and Pete

ATOMIC Founders


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