#atomicShop #outandabout Shop Launch Idea







Check out this shop front we saw on Gosforth High Street in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. Cool right?

We loved this for 3 reasons…

Number 1. It is bright green. Such a simple way to catch your eye on a traditionally grey high street.

Number 2. They know their audience. It is a kids hair dressers, and they’ve made it look fun. Their ‘customer’ is actually the parent, but we bet a parent would find it much easier to convince their kid to go there than a standard hairdressers.

Number 3. The countdown that counted down everyday to launch. What a great way to build a buzz about the launch of a new shop. They aren’t just opening one day out of the blue, they are SHOUTING “Look, we are here…book in now.”

ACTION: If you have a shop how eye catching is your store front? Is it even in your brand colours? If not, how easy would it be to change this?

ACTION: If you are moving office/shop, launch with a bang. Especially if you have a lot of footfall. A countdown is an easy way to do this. But have a think about what else you can do?