#atomicSHOP Using WiFi for Marketing

A study done in 2014 found that at least 44% of all age groups say that the availability of wi-fi influences where they shop. So with this in mind – isn’t it about time you jumped on the bandwagon if you haven’t already!

Some shop owners may be worried that it gives people the opportunity to ‘shop around’ for price, but the fact is that people are going to do that anyway, so instead of worrying about that, let’s look at other ways to use WiFi in our marketing.

The same study showed that the other reasons people access WiFi in stores was to look at product reviews, find in-store discounts, or to browse the stores website. These are all positive things, as it shows that people are close to buying, or are at least considering. So make sure these things are easy to find, and perhaps in store you could even have signposts to where people can find this information online. Imagine next to a product you had a sign saying “Read product reviews, and see this product in action by visiting www.example.com/example” You could even invest in a shorter domain name to make it easier to type in, or give the option of scanning a QR code.

Also the way customers connect to WiFi can be a great marketing opportunity. We have seen some shops in the past change the name of their WiFi to a discount offer, which obviously pops-up on people phone if they are looking for a WiFi connection in the close vicinity – very clever – and easy to do!

There are also services out there such as www.purplewifi.net (amongst others), that can really maximise the marketing opportunity. You’ll have seen in bigger shops where you need to fill out some information to access the WiFi, well this is now available cost effectively to smaller businesses too. Using 3rd party software like this, you can get people to sign-in using social media, you can ask for page likes or tweets, you can even send texts straight to people’s phones. The idea is to make it easy to connect but then also add value to the customer once connected – don’t bombard them with sales messages or this will be counterintuitive. WiFi can therefore be a great way to build your list – and encourage people to come back to your shop, stay in touch and generate that Top Of Mind Awareness.

ACTION: Look into services such as Purple Wifi (and others) that can allow your WiFi to be a marketing tool.

ACTION: Think about how you can use the ability to connect to the internet to further the browsing experience (e.g. directing people to certain pages on the internet to further the sale).


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