Entrepreneurs & Business Owners: How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Yourself

10 years ago, I founded my company — MemberMouse. We’re a software solution for WordPress that helps online entrepreneurs and business owners build powerful and profitable membership, subscription, and recurring revenue businesses. While I had dabbled in an interesting variety of entrepreneurial ventures before this (a story for another time), this was really my first…

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Are you breaking even?

are you breaking even?

Putting a price on your work is probably the most intimidating task for any new business owner, regardless of whether you are selling a product or service. You can get caught up looking at what your competitors are charging or what you want to earn – you can often overlook the starting point. That is,…

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How to be a better writer instantly

How to be a better writer

Who knew that running your own business would require so much writing? Marketing emails. Social media updates. Blog posts. And (no, please, save us)…..s-a-l-e-s pages (shudder).  So. Much. Writing.  Alas, bashing out text onto a screen is a necessary function you can’t avoid. You can outsource bigger projects to a fabulous copywriter (well, hello there…

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A Strippers Guide to Marketing

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Leah / Coco / Crystal / Elle…. or whatever name wasn’t already taken at whichever new club I was trying out. It was always some kind of bizarre pot luck game when I started somewhere new to pick a name. Standing there raring to go, firing potential names at…

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