Beermat Football: #Inspiration

We were at lunch in a local pub, when we stumbled across these Stand Out Beermats that we had to share with you:

As you can see in the picture, the beermats were for Sunderland Football Club and were easily turned into stand up goals that you could play penny football with. Cool right? From a marketing perspective too, we love them because:

1. Great way to engage with potential customers in a way that is interesting to them
2. Uses humour. We smiled at “Enjoy Responsibly”
3. Uses social media with #SAFCPennyFootball
4. Great, simple call to action on the back: “get your match tickets here”
5. It creates a memorable brand experience and doesn’t try to interrupt your pints with marketing messages

Point 5 is probably the most important here, creating an experience that people can have with your brand is so much more effective than a simple sales message, and is much more likely to be remembered!

ACTION: Have a think about your current marketing and advertising, can you think of a way to turn something that is currently just selling your services, into more of an experience or activity?

ACTION: Beermats can be a great alternate way to advertise if your target audience is likely to be in a pub, they aren’t too expensive to get printed, and most landlords would be happy to put them around, especially if they are awesome like these ones!