The Best Business & Marketing Conferences and Events in the UK 2023

Okay, yes, we’re putting ATOMICON – an EPIC marketing event for small and mighty business owners who want to learn exactly how to get more sales.

So we get that it’s strange of us to promote other conferences, but we want to make sure you know about all the best business and marketing events happening across the UK.


Because attending (the right) conferences and events is an absolute game-changer for your business.

You get to take time out of your business and learn from others in your industry. You get to make connections and open up new sales opportunities. You get to stop for one second and think strategically about your business – and come up with brand-new ideas that could change your life forever!

And we know that sounds dramatic, but for us (and many others too), attending events is where those brilliant-beyond-brilliant ideas or strategies are formed.

Without events, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We’ve learnt from some incredible people and made some long-lasting connections. There’s nothing quite like attending events to grow your business.

In fact, the very first big conference we attended ignited a spark! We realised what other successful people were doing, and we left so excited and focused that in the next 12 months, we made more money than in the previous four years combined.

The problem is, there are a lot of pants business events 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hold your horses! Before you go and attend every single business event there is in the UK, you need to make sure you pick the right ones.

As much as we rave about conferences and events and what they’ve done for our business, we’ve also been to some right … how shall we put it … pants ones!

This includes some with speakers that could cure insomnia. Some that were a bit basic and didn’t really give actionable advice. But by far, the worst are those sales-pitches-disguised as-business-events events!


The kind where you’re encouraged (note, highly pressured) to sign up to whatever seven-step-super-secret formula the event organiser is pushing onto the audience, for just, ya know, £10,000.

As events organisers ourselves, we are SUPER selective about our speakers, topics and overall feel of the event because we want to make sure every attendee goes home buzzing with an action plan to grow their business.

That’s why, in this blog post, we’re only recommending events that:

  • Have interesting speakers
  • Give actionable advice you can apply to your business
  • Don’t include sleazy sales tactics

So are you ready to learn about the best events and conferences in the UK? Let’s go! (We’ll be updating this list throughout 2023, as more events are added.)

Joe Wicks at ATOMICON, marketing conference UK

Adventures in Marketing – 9th February 2023

Join Abi Sea and Niki Hutchison for a business adventure that celebrates the exciting and fun parts of marketing! They’ve gathered together some excellent guests (including a certain duo – hint, it’s us!) who will be sharing their experiences in business and marketing at this fully interactive and inspiring event.

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Digital Women Live – 22nd March 2023

This one-of-a-kind event focuses on how to stay ahead of the curve with technology. Designed specifically for women, it is a day packed with expert talks, interactive sessions and networking opportunities.

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Brighton SEO – 20th-21st April 2023

Brighton SEO started as a few people meeting in a pub and now is an annual event which welcomes thousands of people, both in person and online. With the focus being very much on practical, hands-on information, this is an essential event for anyone involved in SEO.

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You Are the Media Creator Day – 27th April 2023

The Your Are the Media Creator day is all about your content and messaging. You can learn from some fab presentations in the morning, and then get involved in creating your very own content in the afternoon – with support from a team of cheerleaders!

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ATOMICON – 13 June 2023

Eeeeek! It’s the one and only ATOMICON! Join us at ATOMICON to learn all about strategies for sales, digital marketing and growth for your business. Each session will be action-packed (no fluff allowed here), and you’ll leave with a clear plan on how to grow your business.

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ATOMICON - UK's biggest marketing & events conference

The ‘Marketing Meetup’ Events – Various dates

The Marketing Meetup is a super friendly community that offers a whole schedule of in-person and virtual events. Talks on the calendar for 2023 so far include Dan Pritchard discussing ‘Marketing in a Recession’, Lea Turner on ‘How to build your LinkedIn profile’, and Eman Ismail on ‘How to kick ass as a freelancer’.

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Social Day, London – 28th June 2023

Social Day is a dedicated event for social media marketing professionals and includes talks, networking, lunch and ping pong! Whether you are a seasoned social media professional or just getting started, you’ll come away with new knowledge and super practical tips for getting real results for your clients.

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The UK Black Business Show – 7 October 2023

The UK Black Business Show will inspire and connect Black business owners through deep-dive workshops, seminars and interactive panels. Speakers for this year are still to be announced, but based on previous events, this is definitely one not to be missed!

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B2B Marketing Expo – 29th-30th November 2023

With a mission to deliver innovation and inspiration to marketers, this event is packed with expert speakers, exhibitors and live demos. Register your interest to be kept up-to-date with exciting changes being made to the show this year.

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Courageous Content Live – Date TBC

The UK’s biggest content marketing event will be back in 2023! After last year’s awesome event in Newcastle, the venue for this year is still to be announced. Wherever it is, though, you can guarantee it will be two days of top-notch content marketing info and training.

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Festival of Marketing – Date TBC

Empowering marketers since 2013, Marketing Week’s Festival of Marketing will leave you more confident, capable and inspired. Last year’s event sold out, so if you’re keen to attend this one, you can sign up for updates on their website to be the first to hear about their 2023 plans.

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What’s next for you?

As we said earlier, we’ll keep adding to this fantastic list. But as long as you choose the right conferences, that money you spend on a ticket and travel will be nothing compared to the amount you’ll get back in new connections, opportunities and strategies!

Why did we create ATOMICON?

Attendees at the business event, ATOMICON 2022

The kinds of conferences that have made the biggest difference in our lives have been EPIC conferences with world-class speakers and thousands of like-minded business owners in attendance.

The problem was we always had to fly out to a different country to get our big-conference fix.

We always wished the UK had something as EPIC as those conferences (in fact, we moaned about it quite a lot). Then it hit us: hang on a second, why don’t we put on that very conference?

So we did!

To find out more about the UK’s biggest business event, just click here.

Rachel Rodgers speaking at ATOMICON 2023