Best Email Subject Lines | Double Your Open Rates

Here are 13 tips that will double your open rates with the best email subject lines. We’ve analysed all our best performing eye catching email subject lines and here we show you what works and what doesn’t. A recent client said he doubled his open rates from these tips about good email subject lines for sales. Why not try them all for yourself!

If we doubled your email open rates, how many more people would see your emails?

50? 100? 1,000?

If it’s an extra 100, multiply that by each weekly email and boom that’s an extra 5,200 opens a year.

That’s an extra 5,200 people potentially viewing your content and buying from you.

???? So make sure you watch this short video and find out how to get people opening your emails…​

Recently an ATOMIC member thanked us over the phone for helping them do email marketing right, doubling their open rates and actually making sales for the first time via email.

This is a great leap for them and we thought it was important to share some of that advice with you today so you can benefit too.

Email Subject Line Tester:…

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Did we miss any tips to give you the best email subject lines? Let us know in the comments. If you use these tips, we’d love to know how well they worked for you – the good thing is, you can test all these out pretty quickly and see instant results on your email open rates by testing these subject lines.

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