20 Best Lead Magnet Ideas to Rapidly Grow Your Email List

Wondering why your lead magnet isn’t working as well as you hoped? Rest easy, we have gathered 20 BEST Lead Magnet Ideas that will DEFINITELY help you persuade people to give up their email addresses and rapidly grow your email list!

We’re going to hit you with a tonne of lead magnet ideas, show you what’s possible, and help you figure out which will be the easiest to create. So read on to discover which lead magnets will attract the right customers and which you should create first.

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You know how we feel about email lists – they’re one of the greatest assets your business can have. But, you have to work pretty hard these days to get people to give up their email addresses and there’s really only one foolproof way to persuade them:

Create a great lead magnet

But how do you come up with a great idea for your lead magnet? How do you know what’s going to work? Which format should you choose? Will people really want what you’re offering? The whole process can be really overwhelming.

If you need a little help with your lead magnet ideas, this post’s for you. We’re going to hit you with a tonne of ideas, show you what’s possible, and help you figure out which will be the easiest to create.

So read on to discover which lead magnets will attract the right customers and which you should create first.

What makes a great lead magnet?

A lead magnet is essentially a mutually beneficial exchange – you offer something that will provide value to your potential customers, like an eBook, and they give you their email address and permission to contact them in return.

And we’ve found that there are three vital factors to consider if you want to create a really great lead magnet:

  1. Will it attract your ideal customer?

When we created our ‘Sales Proposal Template‘ lead magnet, we wanted to attract small, ambitious business owners. What actually happened was, we also started to attract a mix of bigger businesses as well.

So we decided to change the name to ‘The Entrepreneur’s Sales Proposal Template’ and that tiny tweak was enough to start bringing in more of the right people.

  1. Does it solve a really specific problem?

If your lead magnet is open-ended and fluffy, then no one will want to download it.

Using our own lead magnet as an example again, ‘The Entrepreneur’s Sales Proposal Template’ does well because it solves a very specific problem; it’s a template that you can use to solve your need for well-designed, professional-looking, high-converting proposals that you can create quickly, even if you don’t have great design skills.

  1. Is it something you actually have time to create?

It doesn’t matter how great your lead magnet idea sounds on paper if you don’t actually have time to create it!

The good news is, lead magnets don’t need to be a 10,000 word thesis. ‘The Entrepreneur’s Sales Proposal Template, for example, is something that we already use in our own business, so turning it into a template for other people to use was actually a really quick and easy process. Yet it still provides a tonne of value.

In fact, often the very best lead magnets are based on tried-and-tested tools that you’ve already created and already use yourself.

Lead magnets formats: what are your options?

So, with that in mind, let’s look at some of the different formats you could use for your own lead magnets.

Here are our top three recommendations:

  1. A simple, editable template

This makes the top of the list because editable templates are super, super easy to create and they provide a tonne of value to the end-user. For us, these aren’t just the best way to add more people to our list, they’re the best way to attract the right kind of people to our list – totally invaluable!

  1. Webinars

Webinars are awesome because they offer so much value for the person watching and because you have so much face-to-face time, it really helps you build up trust.

And if you’ve already created some slides, they can be really easy to produce, particularly if you use a tool like Demio that allows you to put together live webinars.

Apart from building trust with potential customers, the other major benefit of webinars is that you can overcome people’s objections by answering questions live and encourage them to take up your call-to-action there and then. Having people actually schedule time to sit down and interact with you can be incredibly powerful.

  1. The price guide download

This isn’t necessarily going to bring in a huge number of sign ups but it’s incredibly effective because you know that the people who do sign up are clearly potential buyers – they’re interested enough to be at the stage where they’re considering price and they want to find out more about how to buy NOW. That leaves you in a great position for following up with these people.

Of course, this will work better for certain businesses, but even if you don’t have clear cut pricing, could you put ‘starting from’ prices or create some sort of downloadable brochure?

Without a doubt, those are our top three picks for great lead magnets. But we promised you loads of lead magnet ideas, so here are 17 more for you to choose from in our lead magnet speed round…Buckle in!

  1. A branded newsletter. Plain newsletters are dull and spammy – make yours irresistible by branding it, giving it a cool name, and making sure it’s always super, super valuable.
  2. Quizzes. Quizzes are fantastic because they offer personalised results, which means you can segment your list and sell to people based on their answers. Plus, they play into people’s curiosity. Very few people can resist a quiz!
  3. Checklists. These are really easy for you to create and really easy for people to use. An all-round winner.
  4. Book transcripts or chapters. If you’ve  already written a book, you could give away a free chapter as a Lead Magnet to encourage more sales as well as signups.
  5. Products. You might need to charge for postage but if you can send out free samples, that can be hugely alluring.
  6. Challenges. Can you set up a Facebook group and do mini challenges to get people to where you want them to be? This is a great way to grow your social audience as well as your email list.
  7. EBooks. EBooks are the most common form of lead magnet but they don’t have to be huge. Just a really nice PDF that gives advice on a certain topic can do the job.
  8. Email series and challenges. Can people sign up to your email list to receive tips, advice, challenges every day for a whole week…or even longer?
  9. An in-depth video. This could be a deep dive masterclass or a demo that people sign up with their email address to watch.
  10. How about an actual demo? You can get people to sign up for a free trial or free demo on your software or setup.
  11. A competition. Can people enter a competition with their email address to win a prize?
  12. Vouchers. You can get people onto your email list by offering them a voucher for your services.
  13. Guides. This could be a roadmap or a case study that gives people a side action plan to follow to a certain outcome.
  14. Blog downloads. If your blog is especially massive and full of value, then people may want to save it for later so they can read it properly and go over some of it again. So offer them the opportunity to download your full blog as a PDF.
  15. Exclusive content. If you have a good personal brand or a big audience, offer your top fans some kind of exclusive content – but only if they join your email list.
  16. Online conferences or virtual summits. You can host your own online conference that people sign up to and attend virtually.
  17. Original research. This is gold dust because nobody else in the world has it. It does take effort. So put some time in and pull together some kind of original research that your potential customers would really, really like to read.

Phew! We reckon there’s something for everyone on that list, but before you dash off to create your next lead magnet, there’s one more thing you should know: It might not work.

Your first, your second, even your third lead magnet, might not work. They might flop – and that’s okay.

We’re created a tonne of lead magnets over the years. Some we were really excited about and spent loads of time on, but our audience just didn’t go for it.

We’ve learned that you need to adopt the mindset that you might need to create multiple different lead magnets to find the one that really hits it off, attracts the right people, and gets them on your list.

So, if you’re new to this, don’t spend a tonne of time on each new lead magnet, don’t get hung up on a single idea, and be prepared to try a few different formats before you hit on the one that works for you and your audience.

And remember, the simplest, shortest lead magnets that solve a specific problem are usually the most effective.

If you want to learn more about email marketing and creating and promoting lead magnets, subscribe to our channel, where you’ll find loads of content to help you out. And if you have any questions about any of this, drop us a comment!