Best Marketing Advice we Could Ever Give you

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘what gets measured, gets managed’? Well we like to put it slightly differently, what gets measured, gets improved. If you can measure your marketing efforts, then you can see what is working and what isn’t. We would always recommend having some way to keep track and measure any marketing you do, but you can usually tell just simply by personal judgement if you aren’t doing a lot.

When you find that something works or if something doesn’t then you can improve your future efforts right? Sounds simple but so often we see people just doing the same thing over and over again with no improvement. *bangs heads against the wall*

This leads us onto the best marketing advice we could ever give you…

Do more of what works!

What works for you? It could be; networking, blogging, your search ranking on google, magazine adverts, newsletter responses, Facebook ads, referrals and word of mouth, social media, flyer drops, telesales, press releases, your slot on the radio, exhibitions, speaking gigs, and so on.

What gets you the most business, think about it now, what are the top three things you do that gets you more business?

Then think about all the other methods of marketing you are doing, are they working? Remember the Pareto rule of 80/20? e.g. 80% Of your revenue comes from 20% of your efforts. As a general rule of thumb this is the case most of the time, so imagine that you could be wasting 80% of your budget. Now is your chance to take this opportunity to focus your marketing efforts and stop wasting precious time and money. Now is the time to make your marketing time and budget 80% more effective.

All you need to do is do more of those three things that actually work for you, and stop wasting your time, effort, and money on what doesn’t work.

Or is it? The key here is not just to do more, but to actually improve on how you are doing it.

Analyse, test alternative processes, scale it, do more of it, spend more on it, improve the graphics of it, talk to people more about it, write about it, develop more from it, collaborate with others to improve it, research on atomic how to improve it, and so on. How can you improve what works??

If you have no way of knowing what works or how well it works, or if you can’t track improvements, then look to put something in place. You really need to be tracking and measuring improvement, otherwise you don’t know if what you are doing is working. Can you set up a spreadsheet to take notes on clients, can you use google analytics to measure traffic sources and goal conversions, what can you do?

If one of those top three is word of mouth and referrals, and you’re thinking well how can I improve that?? Lots of ways! Click here to see how.

ACTION: Write down all of the things you do to get more business, and choose the top performing ones (might be more or less than three).
ACTION: Stop doing all the things that aren’t working for you.
ACTION: Put in place a way of measuring what you are improving, to see if it is successful.
ACTION: Think of ways to improve or do more of what is working.

Thanks for reading this post, feel free to leave your comments below 🙂