Best Marketing Conferences in the UK

If you know anything about us, you’ll know we enjoy attending marketing conferences. Aaaaand we’ve been really happy to see some AMAZING ones taking place right here in the UK.

So this week we run-down our 5 favourites.

So for those of you in the UK – maybe we’ll see you at a few over the next 12 months? Those of you overseas – here’s you excuse to visit ‘ol Blighty!


So turns out events change quickly!! Since we recorded this video, there’s been some changes. Youpreneur Summit Early Bird is Now OVER! Tickets are now £450 (4th July 2017 Price). Roger Edwards has replaced Chris Marr at TPBiz! And you’ll need to join the waiting list for CMA Live 18!

Here’s the Skinny…

Marketed.Live in Derby – Marketing Conference for Marketers –
This is a new event in Derby but has the potential to be an amazing event. Unlike all the other conferences this one is specifically for marketers – so expect some really in depth stuff!

Key Points:
For marketers only
There will be some great agencies there with case studies – which we’re excited about!
It’s in Derby, which is a great central location in the middle of England so could be very handy!
We know the team behind the event and they are really going for this so it should be a good one!
The venue is also really cool, it’s in a big theatre style roundhouse

Tickets are on sale now for 19th September 2017

Talking Point of Business in Newcastle – Content Marketing Conference
This is thee most fun of all the conferences by far, it’s ran by two good friends of ours and they are just the best at putting on a good show.

Key Points:
It’s in our home town, so we can show you the geordie sights!
Three main keynote speakers, US, Chris Marr, and Zoe Hartill – a lady from google – awesome!
There will also be break out workshops for you to go to depending on what subject you want
Notorious for having these amazing fun networking games
Group tickets to make it more affordable
Lovely bunch of people and it’s only a day conference.

Tickets are on sale now for 22nd September 2017

Youpreneur Summit in London – Online Marketing Conference –
This is Chris Ducker’s first UK conference after hosting his Tropical Think Tank in the Philippines for a long time. This is exciting.

Key Points:
He has some of our favourite speakers from the States coming over to speak including Amy Schmittauer, John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn.
Again, it’s in London which is cool
There’s just no doubt this is going to be an awesome event!

Tickets are on sale now for 11-12 NOVEMBER, 2017

Social Day UK in London – Social Media Conference –

In the past there has been lot’s of social day events dotted across the country but next year, the team behind it are cutting back and just doing a bigger two day event in London instead – which is going to be epic.

Key Points:
All the speakers deliver extremely high value and practical tips
Fantastic keynoters!
Next year they will be doing workshop sessions too so you can get hands on
The socials are fantastic!
Cutting edge subjects on social
It’s in London – so great central location and good for tourist stuff too
They have a great venue with a capacity for 600 people

Tickets are on sale now for next 30th May 2018

CMA Live in Edinburgh – Content Marketing Conference –

We’ve just got back from speaking at this awesome conference and can easily say it’s one of the best content marketing conferences in the UK.

Key Points:
Overwhelmingly nice community, so so friendly and welcoming
It’s in Edinburgh which beautiful!
Very inspirational
Around 150 attendees
Amazing keynote speakers – this year we had Marcus Sheridan, Chris Ducker and Mark Schaefer, next year they have already lined up Brian Fanzo and Ann Handley.

Tickets are on sale now for Wed 6th & Thur 7th June 2018

So there you have it! Some top conferences in the UK to attend, we’ll be at all of them and speaking at most so come along with us and let’s have some fun!


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