Best Week Ever

BOOM! You've Started the Challenge. Let's make this an epic week...

Task 1 is simple... just tell us what you want to achieve this week in the form below. We are going to help you stay committed to these goals/tasks throughout this week.

Task 1. Fill out this form...

What should you put in this form?

We want to keep you to account on something that it going to aid your business growth, so it's best if you put something you'd class as 'business development' that will help you towards your goals.

  • It could be something you've been putting off?
  • Something that's been on your to-do list for ages
  • Something you'd love to try
  • Something you know you will have an impact
  • An easy win that is maybe boring to do, or a bit scary even.

Important: It has to be something you can realistically do in the next 7 days. We don't want to put any pressure on you.

You might not be able to do a huge project, but you could do just the first starting actions of that project.

Examples of what you might put in this form:

  • I'm going to call 10 people on my email list who I think might be interested in my service
  • I'm going to publish a new blog post and email it to my list
  • I'm going to decide on my content strategy for the next 2 months
  • I'm going to pitch myself for 3 podcasts in my niche
  • I'm going to write a newsletter, and record a new YouTube video


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