Blog Ideas | 5 foolproof ways to ignite your content

Blog ideas… Running out of them? Got writer’s block?

It stops… NOW!

This video’s going to give you 5 blog ideas which will have your fingers itching to get to that keyboard and churning those blogs out. Your audience will thank you for it too… the blog ideas we give you are gonna hit the mark in a big way when it comes to giving them exactly the information they need and want to keep them coming back for more.

👉 Watch the video and get blogging!


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In this video we give you five blog ideas that you can create right now.

They’re perfect if you have writer’s block or just want some inspiration.

The number one question you get asked

Write a blog about the question that your current customers ask you the most or the question you get asked the most at events or in sales situations. There might be multiple questions that come up all the time, which is even better!

For a lot of people that question might be, “How much does this cost?” Or something even more basic such as, “What is it you actually do?, “And how does that work?” If you’re a psychic cat reader philanthropist, that might need some explaining 😼

Whatever that question is, you should write a full blog on it. This should be popular content because number one, it’s answering a real question or a real problem but it will also save you a tonne of time answering that question because you can just direct people to that blog.

Comparison blog between you and your competitors

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. If they’re in the process of deciding whether to buy from you, the question they probably really want to ask, but probably don’t, is why are you different to your competitors?

Give them the answer in an unbiased review. We’re not saying you should be negative about your competition… Word it in such a way: “If you’re in real need or X if you’re X type of person, then you might want X products from your competitor. But, if you’re X kind of person, you need Y, and that’d be much better for you, and you should come to us for that Y.”

Create a cornerstone piece of content about what you do

A cornerstone piece of content is a juicy, fairly long piece of content that ideally you want to rank in search for. And the people that land on this bit of content should also be potential customers for you.

It’s usually a really highly competitive keyword. And to rank for it you need to put in a hundred thousand per cent effort into writing this blog. That’s a percentile. For example, if you are a web designer in Newcastle, and you want to rank for web designer in Newcastle, then you should write a blog about web designer in Newcastle 😃

With cornerstone content, you should also create supporting pieces of content or blogs or articles that support that main cornerstone piece and link back to it. You could either do these pieces on your own website or through guest blogging.

Write something controversial 😲

The best bloggers don’t always tow the line and try to please everyone. It’s really easy to play it safe, and not want to risk publishing something that not everyone 100% agrees with.

But these are the exact blogs that you need to create to stand out and become a thought leader in your field.

We’re not saying be controversial for the sake of it. But what we are saying is that publish your own unique thoughts and don’t let the fact that 100% of people in your industry may not agree with you hold you back from hitting that big red publish button.


If you’ve been watching us for a while, then you’ll know that we’ve been saying that your content should make people feel happier or smarter. And tutorials are a great way to make people feel smarter.

Now, we confess, it’s probably not our favourite type of content to create because it can be a little bit on the dry side for our liking. But there are ways where you can put your own unique spin on it.

What is it that your customers really need to know how to do? It could be how to use a particular tool, or how to use the right colours in your brand, or getting the right outfit to wear.

Whatever it is that your customers or potential customers need to know, break it down and create a tutorial blog all about it.

Let us know below if you’re gonna try any of these!