Blog Planning for Remarkable Content

Do you struggle with blog planning? Ever sat down to write a blog and just stared at a blank piece of paper for agggges?

Yeh, us too! It sucks 😬

So, we did we something about it and created a content breakdown planner so that you will never have writer’s block again and to ensure ALL your content delivers, gets found in search, and resonates with people to build your brand.

We’d love to share it with you and give you a copy for yourself.

👉 Watch the video here, and get your free Content Breakdown Planner


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In this video 👆we show you exactly how we plan out our content so that you can make sure when you are producing content, you are as efficient as possible, your content gets found in search, and resonates with people to build your brand.

The worst place to start writing a bit of content is with a blank piece of paper. So if you’ve ever had writer’s block, or struggle getting blogs or videos published consistently, then this one’s for you!

The Mighty Content Breakdown Planner 💪

A few videos ago, we actually gave you a copy of our Content Breakdown Planner to use, so if you haven’t got a copy go grab it here.

This planner is what we use ourselves to do our blog planning and also every one of our videos BUT you can use the exact same template for your blogs and even podcasts too.

Once you’ve downloaded the planner you’ll see that right at the top we have the Content Promise… this is actually something we got from Amy Landino.

In a consulting session we had with her she challenged us by asking us what our promise was that we were making to our audience that kept them coming back? What did they know they were going to get by watching our videos?

That point hit home with us because we couldn’t answer straight away 🤔 We were creating good content but we didn’t have that promise rolling off our tongue.

So we wrote ours, and it’s this…

Marketing Unborginged: Our YouTube Channel should make learning marketing fun. Each video should answer a question OR show a tutorial in an upbeat way AND always give our viewers a little win – something they can go and implement straight away…

That’s the promise we’ve made and that why we want people coming back… and subscribing!

So we have the subscribe button nice and big at the top of the screen as a general reminder. Then, for each new piece of content we fill out a row in the spreadsheet.

Publishing Dates

First up we have our publishing dates – because you know how much we value being consistent!

Content Topic Idea

Next is the Content Topic Idea. This is a column just to store the overall theme of that particular piece of content.

Your Content Promise

The next column is there for you to double check that the content you’ve created aligns to the promise you’ve made.


This is where you put down the takeaway that you want your watcher/reader/listener to leave with.


Thinking about what goes in the keyword column probably takes up THE MOST TIME of blog planning, and it’s also the thing we enjoy least but we make time for it, because it is so important.

We want to be found, so we spend some time looking at our topic and finding a keyword that we have some chance of ranking for.

We did a YouTube live ALL about keyword research a couple of weeks ago..

Your Story

The next stage in your blog planning is documenting your ‘Story to Tell’ on the planner. This part is easily overlooked, but in our opinion definitely shouldn’t be!

A little while ago we realised we were giving away a lot of information but we weren’t really thinking about how our content let you get to know us.

At the time, things were going really well for us, BUT we were feeling a bit of backlash – especially in our local community because we were two young guys getting to travel the world and talk about marketing, and maybe it looked a bit egotistical to some.

This isn’t who we are AT ALL, so we started thinking more about how we could talk about things we’ve learned, talk about our mistakes, or people who have helped us – like Amy challenging us on our promise – just so people watching us got to know us more, and could hopefully resonate with us more.

It’s often hard to measure the effect of this, but we definitely think it helps with the success of your content. Let us know if you agree in the comments 👇

Call to Action

What do you want people to do after consuming this content? It’s really important to think about this and how you can encourage your audience to take that action.

Scribble Some Notes

This part of the blog planning is where you can write some rough notes of what you may want to include in the content – maybe map out some of the structure, etc.

Related Content

The final stage of blog planning is to think about other pieces of content that you currently have that should be hyperlinked to and from this piece of content.

Ready to boss your blog planning?

We know this may seem a little bit epic, but as you can see, when we come to write a script or a blog – it’s much faster if we’ve done all the planning.

We do this once a month for the upcoming content cycle, and it tends to take us about 3-4 hours for 4 videos planned in full, including the keyword research. BUT that 3-4 hours saves us SOOOO much time in the future.

What do you think? Are you going to use this? Do you have something else you use?

Let us know in the comments what you think and what you may do different after watching this video.