Blog Promotion Strategy Ultimate Guide

So, you’ve written a blog and hit publish… now what?!

In this video, we lay out a FULL Blog Promotion Strategy you could be using to get more eyeballs to your content.

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In this video we’re laying out our Blog Promotion Strategy to drive more traffic to your blogs than ever before. We’re going to give you 3 overarching aspects of your promo plan to think about, then 3 POWER UPS to drive traffic to your content 💪

Start with social media

Social Media HAS to be part of your blog promotion strategy, BUT this isn’t as simple as it once was.

The problem is that algorithms don’t like links and would rather keep people on their platform for longer, rather than have them leave to view content elsewhere. So, the result is that posts with links to your blog tend to get less reach across the board.

So what do we do with that problem?

The first step is to realise that algorithms will show more content from people who you are engaged with, and algorithms although they are mean 👿, REALLY DO want the best for the users of the social network

So, we need to combat, “We don’t like links” with, “This post has a link in it, but I’m going to show you it anyway because I know you like this page’s stuff!”

This is where it pays not to spread yourself too thin. Spend time building a community on one or two platforms natively (i.e. not always linking away from the platform), so that your community is HOT for your content whether it has a link or not.

The second step is to post links on social in such a way that all the value isn’t in the click. What do we mean by that? Well firstly,  don’t say, ‘If you want to learn this, click here’. TEACH in the post itself, and have the link to learn more.

Meet the social networks half way. Compromise. You can repurpose your content into images, GIFS, video or even mini-blogs to give the networks some of what they want – i.e. GOOD CONTENT on the platforms, but include the links too, so you’re driving traffic to your blog.

Search Engine Optimisation

The next stage of your blog promotion strategy should be SEO. This could be Google Search or a YouTube Search.

Ideally, you should have done some of your keyword research BEFORE hitting publish (don’t worry, we’ve got this video on Keyword Research to help with that 😁), but there is stuff you could be doing AFTER hitting publish that will help with your SEO.

Think about Forward Linking. This is where you go to your old content (potentially content that is already ranking), and add links to the NEW content.

Also, think about other people in your industry, maybe your peers, or your friends who have a similar piece of content and suggest a link swap.

You can actually speed up your Google Indexing and we’ve got a killer article from one of our ATOMIC members John Espirian on this topic here.



The third of the big hitters in any blog promotion plan is email and it’s something that some people just do not do!

Email is not for coupons, newsletters and special offers. That is crap email marketing!

Instead, 80% of your email marketing should be spent on sending your subscribers relevant, useful and valuable information – i.e. your content.

This is your warmest audience, because they have told you they want to keep in touch – unless you are a spammy email marketer who deserves justified torture because you have scraped your list 😲

But, if you’ve built your email list the right way, send traffic to your content and just your content.

If you want traction on your content – shares, views, comments – send it to your warmest audience first – i.e. the people who have told you they want it by subscribing to your email list! This will give it the upward momentum required to be picked up by the algorithms and shown to more people!


Power Ups

Are you ready for the power ups? 💥 If you’ve done ALL of the above for your blog promotion, then see if you can do any of these…


Two people on one piece of content EQUALS two potential audiences. Even Andrew can do that maths. But if you can’t get someone to say YES to you, collaborate without them knowing. Talk about them favourably – share something they’ve taught you in your blog, then after you’ve published it – let them know.

Why do you think Wise Old Man Ian Anderson Gray keeps popping up in our video? 👴

We got another video on collaboration coming in a few weeks time, so check that out, or if you are watching this in the future – it will be there.


Even a small amount spent on Facebook Ads to a relevant audience can boost your numbers, and because you’re linking to valuable content, not a sales page, the cost per click tends to be lower.


This is a whole other topic in itself, but just ask yourself – is your content shareable? Do you make it easy to share? Do you have click to tweets? Is your content good enough to share? What does sharing your content say about the person who is doing the sharing? Put thought into this, it’s important!

There’s your FULL promo plan ready for you to execute.

Yes, it’s getting harder to drive traffic, but that is NOT a reason to give up, just a reason to try harder! 💪

What’s your current promotion strategy and do you intend to do anything differently now? Let us know in the comments!