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Our blog template is a blueprint to blogging success… every single time!

In this video we show you how to create an enticing blog that’ll keep readers reading all the way to the very end, and give you all the crucial things that you need to include in your blog.

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Not all blogs were created equally, oh no.

So turn your frog of a blog into the handsome prince or princess that it was meant to be, by following this template 🐸

In this video we show you how to create an enticing blog that’ll keep readers reading all the way to the very end, and give you all the crucial things that you need to include in your blog.

How do you start your blog?

Start with a short first paragraph.

This is really really important because after reading this, your readers will make a judgement call as to whether or not they should continue reading your blog. So you need to quickly get across the benefits of reading it, so your readers can’t wait to read the rest of it.

Pull your readers in with short sentences, literally 12 word paragraphs, just to entice them in about the upcoming awesomeness that your blog is going to be, and what they’re going to learn after reading it.

It’s importantly not to be fluffy. Remember, blogs are an investment of someone’s time, and if you start your blogs with an overly creative story, like, why elephants only wear shoes at night and how that relates to your Facebook ad strategy, you’re gonna lose people’s interest straight away or at least half your audience, who are just confused at this point 😕

Use visuals

Ideally we want some visuals right at the top of the blog, so that people can see immediately, straight away, that this blog isn’t going to be just a wall of text.

Visuals could be things like diagrams, graphs, gifs which add to the tone of the blog orquotes highlighted in a graphical format.

Split your blog into sections

Use subtitles and sections to break up the text.

This is for your skim readers, like Andrew who never reads a blog properly 🙄

It’s also a great way to plan out your blogs by knowing what the subtitles are going to be before you start writing.

Think multimedia!

Because let’s not forget those audio-visual learners.

Just because you have a  blog, it doesn’t have to be just words… it can be video, audio or visual.

Think about embedding things like video clips or audio clips. It might be easier or harder to do this depending on what your blog is all about. But, try to do it if you can. It’s also a really cool way to increase time on page, which helps with your search rankings.

Include a call to action

What do you want your reader to do next? Do you want them to read another blog, to subscribe to your email list or to check out a product?

Keep this in mind before you start writing your blog and make sure it’s really obvious at the end of the blog, or even, throughout it.

Add you author bio

Blogs can be a little bit impersonal, so you want the actual face of the person who has typed up these words on the page so people can make that face-to-face, emotional, human to human, connection. To give it that personalised touch.

This could be at the bottom of your blog but it could also be at the top as well.

Your author bio should include a headshot and a few words about you, the author. Which is you. You could also link to a few of your favourite social media networks as well. Or if you’re 90:10ing this, from our other 90:10 Rule videos, then probably just put one.

So, get your blog template here.

Your next step is to just fill it with ideas! Let us know how you get on!