How Building Relationships With Other Facebook Pages Can Boost Your Business

If you want to storm your way to successfully market your business using Facebook you need to invest the time in building relationships. As well as posting content that starts conversations on your timeline you can connect with other business pages by commenting on their posts. Your comment will then be visible to all of that page’s fans widening the number of people who know about your business.

Step 1 – Like Relevant Businesses Pages As Your Page.
There are two ways to like pages as your business page. The first is to change the settings on top of the page and click on the dark blue down arrow. Select the option to use Facebook as your page instead of as your personal profile.

The second way is to find a page you want to like and click on the three dots on the home page banner. In the drop down menu choose Like As Your Page.

Step 2 – Finding Pages To Like
If you have chosen to like pages as your business page the easiest way to find pages to like is to visit your business page newsfeed.

To access your business page’s newsfeed you need to use Facebook as your page and then click on home.

This takes you to your page’s newsfeed. It’s similar to your personal newsfeed but only shows updates from the pages you have liked. Facebook makes suggestions of other pages you might like in the Suggested Pages section and when you click on Like Pages in the left hand menu.

When building up the number of pages you like you can either click the like button in the manner of a possessed banshee or visit the page to find if it is relevant for your business, is active and engaged with its fans. The first option is usually the most widely adopted.

Step 3 – Monitor The Pages You Like
To see the latest updates check into your page’s newsfeed regularly. Whether you visit once a day or more will depend on how many pages you have liked and how often they post an update. If you aren’t seeing much activity it’s time to release your inner possessed banshee and find some new pages to like.

Step 4 – Comment On Posts
Before you start to tip tap on your keyboard to comment on another business’s post ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is my comment adding value to the conversation?
  • Am I promoting my own stuff?

If the answer is yes to either of these, step away from the keyboard. Your comment is neither wanted nor appreciated. Being overly promotional will annoy the page whose post you are commenting on. It shows their fans that you are self-serving and only out for what you can get out of Facebook. Not a great start to any relationship.

If you have ever experienced the feeling of shouting in to the void when you publish posts on Facebook, you know how gratefully received a supportive and useful comment is. Think about how you can help the page your building a relationship with. The stronger your relationship becomes the more likely the other page is to comment back on your posts and share your stuff.

Step 5 – Personalise
Add your name to the end of your comments to add a personal touch. It’s easier to relate to an interaction from a business page when you know there is a real person at the other end.

Increasing the awareness of your business with Facebook pages in complementary areas will help to get you a wider audience, and help you build relationships with businesses that could result in a mutually beneficial partnership.


Katherine SaltKatherine Salt is a Social Media consultant and trainer.  When not teaching lawyers and accountants how and why to tweet she is busy running her bricks and clicks lingerie business Plums Lingerie.

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