Can Your Website be Buyer Centric

Most websites when built are ‘product centric’ i.e. they’ll have the home page, about, contact, and then a page for each product/service. We aren’t saying this is wrong, this is the right way to do it for some businesses. But for others, adopting a ‘buyer centric’ approach to website design could be more effective.

What do we mean by this? If you can split your customer base into segments, why not have a page for each segment instead.

We find using an accountant as the best example for this. A traditional accountancy website may have pages on each service: tax, bookkeeping, payroll, returns, forecasting etc. The issue is an accountant’s customer probably isn’t 100% sure what services they need.

However if the pages were split up into: start-ups, growing businesses, manufacturing, employers etc. with each page explaining the types of services they offer specific for that particular customer type, then when a potential customer lands on the website, they’ll know which page is relevant for them, and on ‘their page’ you’ll be able to talk to them about the benefits that are specific to them.

It just makes for a more personable, more direct website, and shows you understand your customers wants and needs.

ACTION: Look at your website, if a customer lands on it, do they know what where to find out about services that are specific for them?

ACTION: Make a list of potential customer segments, and talk to your web designer if you think adopting a buyer centric approach may be more effective.