Can’t Find Time for Effective Marketing?

If you can’t find time to do effective marketing then this article is definitely a MUST READ!

It is probably the biggest issue we see small businesses come up against. We think about 99% of our clients have used the ‘didn’t find the time to…’ or ‘didn’t get chance to…’ or ‘I wanted to, but then I had to…’ excuse at some time or another.

And you know what – yes life can get in the way, admin can get in the way, paying work can get in the way even of marketing our businesses, but if you want to be more successful then you HAVE to find the time SOMEWHERE.

And we aren’t perfect at this, we have all the aforementioned issues too, but what we are great at is realising when our own marketing needs some TLC, and doing something about it.

So we just wanted to point you in the direction of some articles that explain some of the processes that we use ourselves and with our clients, to keep us on track, and to find time for marketing.

Let’s get going…

We always start here with the Next Decade Planning Model, this breaks down all your dreams, aspirations and goals and tells you what you need to be focussing on in the present day to reach them. Marketing can seem like a hard job, but actually when you break it down into the next steps it isn’t so daunting.

Also, it is important that you stay on track, to set a marketing goal and commit to it 100%. It is so easy to get Distracted by Shiny New Things, whether a new social media tool, or a new product, or a new way to make money, but the most successful businesses keep a razor sharp focus on their goal, and you should learn to do this too. Here’s an example, we want to write a book, we think it will be a great marketing tool and we have started planning it, but we know if we started one today, some other stuff wouldn’t get done that we need to do first.

Now, if you are reading this then BOOM our content marketing is working (if you are finding it useful that it). Content Marketing should be a major part of your marketing strategy as the applications of it are endless, but we understand it can be hard to find the time. I am currently writing this article at almost midday, with a To Do List a mile long, but I am finding time to do it. Why? Well not only have I made time and prepped for this article, using the time saving strategies we talked about in this blog, but I am also in a way repurposing content, bringing all these articles I am linking too into one handy place.

Now if you want to know how I could save more time, then check out this article on 10 Ways to Repurpose the Same Piece of Content.

Finally, we understand that marketing that doesn’t work can be disheartening, so we just wanted to share a further 2 articles where you can apply the principles discussed to all that you do. The first is to make sure ALL Marketing you do has a clear MWA, and the second is to ensure that you are effectively plotting your marketing backwards and thus concentrating on that all important first step! We guarantee that if you apply these 2 principles you will see improved results.

We hope this article has been of some use to you? Leave your comments in the box below…

ACTION: Go click on those articles mentioned, read up and start rocking your marketing.