#CaseStudy – A Poster for Andrew and Pete

This # for case studies is great for demonstrating best practices and practical advice. What works and for how much? You can find out here.

What did we want to achieve?
We had just moved into our new office building, which was a managed office space with lots of other businesses working in the same building. We wanted to make sure people got to know we were new there, and would recognise us when walking around the building. What did we do?
The office had a tenants notice board filled with lots of corporate looking poster, so instead of following suit, right in the middle we stuck a big WANTED POSTER with our mug shots on.


What was the thought behind it? Why so good?
Because it was different people noticed it straight away. It stood out immediately, and because it had our faces on, people recognised us and it gave people an excuse to talk to us when they saw us around the building. It showed that we had a bit of personality and so it was a perfect ice breaker! What were the results?
At the time our main service was website design, and as a result we took in 3-4 web design jobs in the space of a couple months. Just because the people noticed the poster, brought it up in conversation with us, and then liked us enough to buy from us. Cost wise it took a few hours design time and a few pennies to print, so next to nothing. How could we improve it?
We could have kept the poster updated, potentially changed it every week or month, to keep people guessing what was coming next, as after the initial haha that’s funny…it was just another poster on the board, that probably didn’t get read much after the first month or so. Because it was the same audience that was seeing the poster day in day out, if they didn’t need our services then and there, we don’t know if it was good enough to be remembered months down the line when they potentially did? Further Comments
Obviously this sits nicely with our brand, and wouldn’t work for everybody, but if you are in this situation too, think of a poster that is going to get people talking to you. When you are in the vicinity¬†of your poster everyday having something that will get people asking you questions, is more effective than something that explains every single thing you do.


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