How to Cheat Facebook’s 20% Text Rule on Ad Images

If you have ever come to do a Facebook Ad and tried to add text to the image then you will know just how frustrating is it when your ad gets rejected due to the 20% text rule.

Oftentimes the ads gets approved only to be rejected a few hours later. Annoying.

Fair enough you can’t just cram lot’s of text on the image but still, what is 20% of the ad, how do you know, and how can you get away with having more on?

Firstly, it’s a silly rule as 20% can’t truly be measured, what about the white space in between letters? What does 20% actually mean?

Well Facebook have a tool for their guidelines, it can be found here:

You just simply upload your image and click/select the boxes which are covered by text. Like this:


What this means however is that using a grid is inexact. It doesn’t really measure 20% text at all. It just measures whether there is some text within 20% of the squares within an arbitrary grid. I.e. this 20% rule is actually only measured by how many boxes are covered. You can’t even have text in the middle!

This also means you can cheat the system by just placing the text in better positions. So by maximising the position of the text to fall within the boxes and not go over the lines too much you can technically get away with more text on your ad! Or at least maximise it.

Here’s some other guidelines:

1. “Images in your ads must be relevant and appropriate to the advertised product”

2. “Images may not exploit political, sexual or other sensitive issues”

3. “Images may not use shock or scare tactics”

4. “Images may not contain QR codes”

Want to use QR codes effectively?

5. “Images may not use Facebook brand images without permission, including but not limited to logos, icons and alert notification graphics”

Basically you can’t use the Facebook logo, or ‘like’ button or any other Facebook-specific graphics within your ad images.

6. “The 20% rule doesn’t apply to Pictures of products that include text on the actual product”

Good news if you have a product or ebook to display.

7. “Images that are clearly edited to include text on the product as a loophole to policy are not allowed”

Just try not to take advantage of the guideline above.

8. “Images that are zoomed in on logos/images with text overlay aren’t allowed”

You can’t write extra text onto a product obviously.

Feel free to send us over your ad images and let us know how you got on. Hope this helps any headaches on this!

ACTION: When creating your Facebook Ad make sure to maximise your text coverage using this tool:


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