Christmas Chocolate Marketing in 6 Ways

Christmas is coming, which means amongst all the tinsel, trees, and shopping we are sure you’ll have a house full of chocolate, and rather than eat it all, here’s 6 ways to get rid of it, whilst doing some clever but easy marketing.

ACTION: Think about each point, and if you can’t do them exactly, think about how you can modify them to make them work.

1. Do you work in a communal building? Leave a box of chocolate in the kitchen with a Merry Christmas note from yourself. It’ll get people talking about how nice you are, and raise awareness of your business in your building.

2. Put them to one side for the time being. Now when you get a fantastic referral send them as a thank you.

3. Whenever you send something by post, pop a couple of chocolates in the parcel with a thank you note. Small touches like this can go a long way.

4. Do you go networking? If so use them in your pitch to the room. Throw them to different people if they can name one of your services or how you can help them, or even just pass them around the room. It’ll be different to what other people are doing and get you noticed!

5. Do you make clients or people you are meeting, cups of coffee? Offer them some chocolates before you start. It’ll set the meeting off to a good start, which is especially important when in a selling situation.

6. We recently sent a couple of wrapped up boxes of chocolates with a proposal we were bidding for. It was a great way of getting noticed amongst all the other applicants.

There’s 6 easy ways, but we are sure there are more. Leave some suggestions in the comments box below…