Christmas is Over – Wrap your Car Instead

If you’ve got a company vehicle, then you will have probably had a think about getting it car wrapped at some point.

Car wrapping can be a great traditional marketing method of spreading some brand awareness, especially if you are out and about a lot.

But please do us a favour and get your car wrapped in something a bit more interesting!

We are bored of seeing a wasted opportunity, when companies go for their company name and telephone number written in the most boring font and colour. Sometimes they don’t even say what they do, what makes them special, there is no call to action.

The key to good car wrap is having a design that makes people stop and take notice (without causing an accident of course), so if you are going to invest in it, we would always recommend getting a creative designer on board to come up with some ideas.

Here’s a good one we saw…

The graphic on the van says: “We cleaned ‘their’ windows… how about your’s?” Hinting at The Sage building covering the rest of their van (we were lucky enough to capture this photo while they were actually driving past The Sage). The Sage is an impressive building and putting this client on the car gives instant credibility. Kudos!

ACTION: What could you put on your vehicle to instantly grab attention, and make people remember you?

ACTION: Take notice of your competitions vehicles. What do they have on theirs?

ACTION: When you are out and about take note of other vehicle wraps to get some inspiration.