Atomic Growth Club V2

Get more sales for your small business and scale it smarter

... with 0% sleazy tactics. Pinky Promise.

If you're a small business owner wanting to learn how to increase your income whilst working less then we're your new best friends.

Our Growth Club Membership is a mix of EPIC training and the best community of business owners on the internet, which makes for a winning combination. #TeamATOMIC has your back every step of the way.

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You started your business because you’re good at what you do, and you wanted to build something awesome.

But it's hard work, right!? You're a bit stressed, not making the money you wanted, and working too long and hard. That's not what you signed up for!

Let's fix that.

"But lads, how are you gonna fix that!?"

...we hear you cry.

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Let's turn that frown upside down... ATOMIC is part-training, part-community.

Starting with the training... our signature Become ATOMIC Programme (outlined below) shows you how to stop swapping all your time for little money, it teaches you how to easily get more sales without being sleazy, and scale your business the smarter way, so you can pay yourself more, and take more time off.

And the community... is literally the best. As as small business owner it can be pretty lonely, right? The ATOMIC Community (#TeamATOMIC) is ready to welcome you with open arms. Together we mastermind, support each other, cheerlead, solve problems, and even buy from each other. Ultimately by surrounding ourselves with likeminded people, we make each other better business owners.

Natalie Hailey

Natalie hit her first £10k Month with the atomic growth club...

After joining ATOMIC: Growth Club, Natalie gained focus on her offerings, her content and her sales processes.

She built a rocking agency with predictable monthly income and a team do most of the work for her, which means that...

She can now spend more time with her family, her kids, and the new pony that she just bought for them!! All while increasing her income month on month.

And that's what ATOMIC: Growth Club is about... building a business that scales, meaning you have the freedom to do what you want.

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Sleaze free

Our Sleaze and Slime-Free Promise...

This is not a get rich quick membership. This is not gonna teach you 'how to teach other people how to make money online'. This is definitely NOT gonna teach you how to make your client feel s*** about themselves so they spend a boat load of cash with you.

There's a lot of that crap online, and we ain't it. We teach sound business advice, and sales and marketing strategies that you can implement without selling your soul.

Here's what we teach in the signature programme...

... where the magic is...

Our signature programme is broken down into 9 main sections, and you get access to it all on day 1.

The first 5 modules are designed to get more income (sales) into your business, and the last 4 will help you scale your business the smarter way.




In one simple exercise we fix your mindset, so you are ready, rocking and motivated to do the impactful and meaningful work.


Here we help you decide the best parts of your business to focus on, to hit your income goals faster, with less overwhelm.


Never feel disorganised again. Implement a few changes to how you organise yourself, and win back time to work ON your business, not just IN it. This will save you headaches & boat loads of time!


Next we get you to take a proactive approach to sales, and create a non-scary sales system to sell to the right people at the right time.


Learn how to attract better and higher paying customers by positioning yourself and your offerings in the best light possible.



The aim of this module is to give you 1 full day back per week, by teaching you how to make outsourcing a profitable activity, not an expense.


Growing an engaged audience (email list and social following) of potential customers is the best way to scale smarter. Here you discover the fastest ways to grow you audience.


The real secret that all the fastest growing businesses have: Stakes. In this section we help you create ongoing accountability to make bigger leaps in your business growth.


We teach you how to launch a new scalable offering, and maximise it with a remarkable customer experience. This isn't just about courses or memberships either, there's plenty of other smart ways to scale.

"Is that all I get?" Ab-so-fricking-lutely-Not!

When you join the club,
you also get access to all this...

ATOMIC Includes1

24/7 community group

Your team just got wayyy bigger. Between us all, there is nothing we don't know or can't help with. The group is super supportive, and no question you can post is too big or small.

ATOMIC Includes2

Live online course days

Every month we block out a full day, and live present either a section of the Become ATOMIC Programme together, or have a guest expert present a live one-day-course. These are great for accountability and camaraderie.

ATOMIC Includes3

access to Andrew and pete

We (ATOMIC founders Andrew and Pete) run monthly Hot Seat Q&As where you can ask us specific questions directly on zoom. Additionally we live stream our members-only Live Clinic, where you can ask us to cover anything and everything. Annnnd... we're in the memebrs-only Facebook group every day. We're hands on, and want to get to know you.

ATOMIC Includes4

Masterminding & Networking

Every month you can attend the Member Mastermind, to meet your fellow members and get group feedback on anything you want to bring to the table. These are facilitated, so if you've never masterminded before then don't worry.

ATOMIC Includes5

Fully packed training library

Every course and masterclass that we have ever ran previously in ATOMIC is ready for you to watch. From content marketing, SEO, sales, social media, email marketing, Facebook ads, and everything in-between.

ATOMIC Includes6

free pizza opportunities

We regularly give out free pizza... you know... just incase you needed an extra reason to join 😉


Andrew is always on the left,
and Pete the right!

By the way... if we haven't met...

Hey, we're andrew and Pete

We launched ATOMIC back in 2014, and are the faces of this operation. If you join us, you'll see us a lot, as we steer you through this journey.

We simply love helping small business owners and solopreneurs smash their potential! We also like to have a lot of fun, it should be exciting to run a business, right? Here's some of our career highlights so far that we're proud of:

  • Keynoting the worlds largest social media marketing conference in San Diego in front of 5,000 people - eek!
  • Writing two hit books, 'The Hippo Campus' and 'Content Mavericks'
  • Winning Digital Marketing Company of the Year award
  • Ranked in the Top 100 Digital Marketers in the World by Brand 24
  • Hired by Fortune 100 companies like Citi Bank, American Express, Xero and Hubspot
  • Being featured in Huffington Post, Inc., BBC Radio and beyond

We're Looking forward to meeting you!


Instant wins from the get go...

Amanda Brookes

"I quadrupled my weekly income almost immediately after watching Ground Zero - thank you Andrew and Pete!!"

- Amanda Brooks


"I watched the Reality Forecast session and it showed me EXACTLY where I should be focusing my time, and what I should stop doing. In just 2 weeks I had doubled my monthly income! Holy F*** I didn't expect that"

- Mars Lord

ATOMIC is perfect for you if...

... you're a small business owner / freelancer / solopreneur (however you identify) who wants to grow faster than what you are and build a business with more freedom and time. Most members join ATOMIC when they're making anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand pounds/dollars/euros each month.




Dave Algeo wanted to spend more time with his new born baby, Rosie. But he was working 7 days a week not earning enough money.

Since implementing the training, he now earns twice as much as he ever did, only works THREE days a week, has been featured on TV and is now launching a membership.

And more importantly he has lot's of time to spend with Rosie.


Within a month of joining, Gemma transitioned her business. She stopped swapping time for money - doing work she wasn't enjoying, and launched a scalable programme she loves delivering.

She's now making more money, and is turning down work she knows she doesn't want to do anymore!

BOOM! Go Gemma!


Growth Guaranteed

As well as a 30 day money back guarantee, if you complete our 'Become ATOMIC' Programme and somehow don't earn back your investment in the first year, we will simply give you your money back in full. We're THAT confident this works.

You have nothing to lose!

If you are serious about growing your income, (without having to just hustle), then join now.


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Atomic Growth Club V2 (1)

New: Get Lifetime Access!

2 lifetime plans to choose from...

Join a worldwide community of small business owners, fast-tracking their business growth. 30 Day money back guarantee.

Pay 12 x £39 monthly payments, then remain a member forever.

Pay one payment of £365 and remain a member forever. Save £103.


Pay 12 x £39 monthly payments, then remain a member forever.

£39 x 12 monthly payments

(Approx. $53 x 12)

  • The 'Become ATOMIC' Programme

  • Full Course Library

  • Live: One Day Courses

  • 24/7 Community Group

  • Monthly Hot Seat Q&A with Andrew & Pete

  • Monthly Live Clinic with Andrew & Pete

  • Monthly Member Masterminds

  • ATOMICAST: Members Only Podcast

  • Members Profile & Directory


Pay one payment of £365 and remain a member forever. Save £103.

£365 one off

(Approx. $498)

  • The 'Become ATOMIC' Programme

  • Full Course Library

  • Live: One Day Courses

  • 24/7 Community Group

  • Monthly Hot Seat Q&A with Andrew & Pete

  • Monthly Live Clinic with Andrew & Pete

  • Monthly Member Masterminds

  • ATOMICAST: Members Only Podcast

  • Members Profile & Directory