Content Editorial Calendars | Why Yours is Doomed to Fail

Content Editorial Calendars are a key part of your Content Marketing strategy, they’ll tell you what you are going to be posting, where you are going to be posting, and when it is going to be published.

BUT… in our experience, most Content Calendars are DOOOOMED to fail. Why? Because… they are missing a key ingredient…

Not only do you need a Publishing Schedule, but a Production Schedule as well… watch the video above to see what we mean, and then…



Video Transcript (for you readers)

Right, guys and girls, it’s time to get organised! This is the year that you up your content game and start to get consistent.

Yes, because consistency equals success. Dramatic intro finished.

Most people, when they come to getting organised and consistent with that content marketing will put together a content editorial calendar.

Sounds fancy, but it’s basically just a calendar of some sort wrote down exactly where and when you are going to publish your content for the next maybe six to 12 months.

They are great, and if you’ve done one of those, big thumbs up, because that is definitely the first part of getting super organised and
consistent with your content.

But we’ve seen people even that have those still fail actually hitting those dates, because it doesn’t take into consideration one of the most important things when it comes to getting organised with your content.

And this is why most content editorial calendars are doomed.

So what should be in a content editorial calendar?

We break ours down into two main parts.

The first is the publishing schedule, which basically just looks like your normal content editorial calendar.

In it, we have when our content is going out and how we are repurposing that on all the other different platforms that we are on, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, all these other different platforms.

We use that one main bit of content and repurpose it across them all.

And all of that goes in the publishing schedule.

We did a video on how to repurpose content effectively and we’ve put that in the
description for you, too.

So what is that second all-important thing that everybody messes up that makes your content calendar doomed?

I won’t do it again.

What is that second thing?

Well, it’s very important. It’s the production schedule. Aha.

Go on, Pete, tell us what a production schedule is.

Your production schedule basically looks at all this content you’re trying to create and get out there and figures out when it’s actually going to get done.

We take all the content that we need to create and repurpose and publish, we take all the little tasks involved in doing all of that, and we take them and schedule them in a diary.

Every single week. Our Editorial calendar, therefore, is made up of not just of
exactly what’s going out, but it also includes all the tasks that need to get done to actually make that happen.

The fact that it’s scheduled into our diary, as a priority, every single week, is the reason why we’re able to get out so much content.

And it’s also the reason why you’re going to be able to do it, too.

We would love to see you get organised and get consistent with your content marketing, too.

But if you need a little bit of help with that, don’t worry. We got your back.

In the description, there is a link to go and download our free template for our publishing schedule and our production schedule. Go grab that.

I have been Andrew! I’ve been Pete!
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