Our 5 (Not So) Secret Tools For Conquering Content Marketing

You might not believe it, but we rely on – technology – to help us create content and stay connected with our friends on the Internet.

Yes, you heard right.

There are five tools in particular that we turn to nearly every day to keep us on top of our incoming and outgoing content.

Shall we share them with you or shall we keep them a secret?

DON’T ANSWER THAT. We tell you what they are in this video and blog below👇

1. Agorapulse

First up, is the social media management tool Agorapulse.

Now, we’re at a stage where we could delegate the management of our social media to someone else.

But we’re not the types to outsource our relationship building.

And with Agorapulse, we can still hold onto our social and not regret it. Not one bit.

This tool helps us reply to every single tweet, every single comment, every single message. We’re no longer running around like headless chickens trying to make sure everything is answered.

(Imagine that crazy sight?)

It’s the tool’s incredible social inbox that helps us easily maintain our relationships on social.

See, on Twitter, we’ve got this rule to leave no tweet behind. With native Twitter (and many other tool) notifications, you only see the most recent mentions first.

But Agorapulse offers you the option to REVERSE the chronological order of the mentions. If we have only got five minutes to clear through notifications, we like to target those left a couple of days ago so they don’t fall into a black hole.

It’s especially great for YouTube. Agorapulse brings your comments from ALL your videos into one feed. Imagine going to EACH of your videos on YouTube to review each one for unanswered comments? That was us, pre-Agorapulse, with the whole headless chicken thing.

It’s so good to have our head on. Really. Here’s our review and tutorial all about it 🙂

Pricing: Starts at $49. You can get a two week free trial using this link.

2. Rev

While Agorapulse helps us save time with YouTube management, Rev helps us save tons of time with YouTube captioning.

Rev charges just a dollar per minute for video transcription. And the turnaround of those captions to you is off the charts — we usually get ours back within 10 hours.

Plus, Rev guarantees 99% accuracy.

We also use Rev captions for our Facebook Live videos as well. You know why?

Because 85% of people watch Facebook video with the sound off.

So you can’t meet that 85% of people if you don’t have captions. Your reach will disintegrate people people will just scroll on by.

And who wants to do captions themselves?

Not us, that’s for certain.

Although WE use the service for video captions, the captions transcript that Rev gives you is INSTANT content for a blog post or a podcast.

Or if you’re more of a speaker than a writer, but you know that you need to blog, just record your voice narrating your blog post and have Rev transcribe it for you.

Here’s a  tutorial of how to use Rev to add captions to your Facebook and Youtube videos…

Pricing: Caption transcription is $1/minute of audio or video. Click here to try it on your latest video/podcast.

3. Morningfa.me

We’ve doubled our YouTube subscribers thanks to Morningfa.me.

No, it’s not a silly “get more subscribers” scheme. It’s a fantastic keyword research tool that helps us optimise our YouTube videos.

We type in keywords and Morningfame helps us narrow those terms based on our channel and the interaction that it currently gets.

It also tells us the hard truth about how likely we are to rank for that keyword. It doesn’t just guess — it looks at our subscribers, engagement, and likes as well as what’s currently ranking for that search term.

Then the tool tells us how to incorporate that keyword in our tags and description. It will rate our title and tell you how to improve it. It will also highlight how many times the keyword is in our description (because we should have it there more than once).

Now that we focus on keywords that Morningfame tells us we’ll rank well for, we’re found in-search for all of our more recent videos.

We wouldn’t have found those keywords otherwise. Thank you, Morningfame. Here’s our tutorial we did on this:

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $4.90/mo, but you need an invite code to get access. You can use our invite code by clicking here to use MorningFame.

4. Keywords Everywhere

We use Morningfame along with browser plug-in Keywords Everywhere.

When we search something on Google or YouTube, Keywords Everywhere tells us approximate monthly search volumes on that term.

If we’re inspired by what we see with Keywords Everywhere, we put that search term into mourningfa.me to see if we have a chance of ranking well.

Because having a search term that gets tons of volume AND a chance of ranking well for is pure gold. Here’s an example of how this combination worked like magic for us.

Remember when GDPR was everywhere and annoying everyone with email messages? We were one of the first to create a video on that. You know why we did it?

Because morningfa.me, told us that we could rank well for “GDPR explained simply.” It’s a longtail keyword but we went with it. We ranked fairly quickly for “GDPR explained simply.”

As soon as that video started picking up traction, we then started ranking for “GDPR explained” on YouTube which had a much higher search volume.

At the end, we were #1 for “GDPR” explained simply,” #4 for “GDPR explained,” and on the first page of YouTube for just “GDPR.”

But if we had started to write a video just for “GDPR” we would have had no chance to rank. That’s why it’s important to consider volume and placement for keyword ranking.

We did a video all about how to go about finding the right keywords here:

Pricing: Free.

5. ManyChat

We could talk FOREVER about all the ways we use ManyChat in our business.

If — or should we say, WHEN — you go onto our website and one of our sales pages, you’ll see our chat feature and it will say, “Hey are you a solopreneur?”

And you can click on that and you can start chatting to us. And if you go off our website we can still continue that conversation. We can now send you our YouTube videos every week right.

No other chat tool lets us do that.

PLUS, we’ve been getting open rates for our messages between 90-97%. Our clickthroughs are also ridiculously high.

Think about the stats on your email list. On a good day, you might have a 20% to 30% open rate and a 5% clickthrough rate on a list of say, 1,000 people.

Now compare that to ManyChat. Your list might be smaller to start, but within that small group, 95% of them are opening and 40% are clicking your messages.

Now, will these amazing stats from bot marketing last forever? We can’t say — but the numbers we’re seeing now should be a good enough excuse to jump on board.

If you want to learn the basics on bots and how to get your first 100 subscribers, then watch this!

Pricing: There’s a free plan available. For more features, paid plans start at $10/mo.

Which of these tools do you want to know more about? Let us know in the comments 👇


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