Content Mavericks Introduction | Our New Book

Yabadabadoooooo! Our new book is officially launching today!!

It’s called Content Mavericks, and it’s all about how you can get quicker results from your content marketing efforts!

Since it’s also Halloween today… we thought we’d record a fun spooky video about the book…

What’s the book about then?

Are you fed up of writing blogs, recording podcasts or creating videos and not getting anything from it? Are you overwhelmed by Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, Paid Ads? Are you sick of wasting your time with poor performing ‘Content Marketing’ and now want to actually make some money and grow your business?! Our revolutionary Content Mavericks process, takes you through 7 logical steps to create a content marketing strategy that not only helps you create insanely shareable content but also GENERATES SALES!

We wanted to write a book that gave business owners a process to follow. It’s theoretical but it’s also practical with activities to fast-track your content marketing success. We’ve put our all into this and tested the process across lots of different industries, so really hope you enjoy it.


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