Creative Ideas for Business | 5 Hacks for Boring People

In this article, we go through 5 awesome ways you can think of creative ideas for business.

It could be creative ideas for your business in general, but you can apply these ideas to your marketing to come up with those all important disruptive results that get people talking and paying attention.

Now before we dig in, have you ever said or thought to yourself…


Sound familiar?

Well don’t you worry about it. Because this article and video above is all about how ANYBODY can find inspiration to think of creative ideas.

Why is this important to do? Simply put, creativity trumps budget.


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Creative marketing doesn’t have to break the bank if the idea is creative enough.

5 Hacks to Think of Creative Ideas for Business.

Hack 1. Look to Other Industries for Inspiration

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Sometimes we just have to look a little bit outside of our normal restraints. Look at other industries and see how they are doing things, what marketing they are doing, and how they are getting the attention of their potential customers.

Then for use of a better word… steal it.

OK, steal it is a bit strong, let’s go with… lend from it responsibly without breaching copyright.

As long as you are looking at a different industry that isn’t your competition – feel free to look at ways to implement what they are doing into your own business.

We’ve put this as number 1, because it is one of the easiest ways of thinking of creative ideas for business, but rarely do we come across a business owner actively looking at other industries.

In fact, look at the creative sectors out there (photography, design, marketing, art, music, advertising etc.) if you want to be inspired, look no further than these.

Hack 2. Start a Swipe File

Taking Hack 1 a step further, you need to curate your own swipe file of creative ideas that have got your attention. So when you are in need of a creative idea of your own, you have a place to go full of ideas that you can apply to your own business. There isn’t a right or wrong way of creating a Swipe File either. It could be:

  • Clipping from Evernote (you can download the plugin for Chrome)
  • Screenshots saved to a file on your computer
  • Photos you take on your iPhone uploaded to Dropbox
  • Printed images in a folder
  • A pin board of things that have caught your attentions.
  • Etc.

Find a way that works for you, that you can easily add too with minimal effort. That’s the key to a successful Swipe File… if it’s not easy to add to, it is never going to grow.

In a few month’s time you’ll have a resourced primed with examples of creative ideas for business.

Hack 3. Get Drunk


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OK, so the pub works for us, but we aren’t condoning getting off your face to think of creative ideas… rather just getting out of your office or place of work is a great way to get inspired with a fresh head on.

If you don’t feel creative when you are ‘at work’. Don’t get creative at work, get creative in a place of your choosing.

It could be a local park, you could go for a walk, it could be with a pen and paper and a morning coffee in your garden, find a place that inspires you, that feels different to your desk, take a friend or a colleague and thrash out some ideas.

Andrew: “Do you think we need one of those drink aware logos on this blog.”
Pete: “Better safe than sorry.”

Hack 4. Organise a Time to be Creative

OK, so this one may be a bit controversial, as at the end of the day you can’t always force creativity, but having regular times in your schedule dedicated to thinking of creative ideas for business will really help we promise.

It is a case of knowing when your creative juices are flowing the most, and going to those creative places in Hack 3.

Maybe you meet a Mastermind group, once a month at a local pub.

Maybe you go for a walk before work twice a week.

Maybe Thursday mornings you keep clear for ‘New Business Development Ideas’?

Whatever and whenever it is, grab a pen and some paper, and be dedicated to actually spending time on your business. If you don’t schedule it in, it won’t get done.

Hack 5. Start with the Boring

If you want to think of creative ideas for business easily, the easiest place to start is with the boring aspects of your industry. Look at what is fairly standardised across your competition, and disrupt it.

We’re talking about really boring aspects like email signatures, proposals, about pages, contact forms etc. (all pretty standard right?)

Develop your own tone of voice around these areas, and soon you will find the creative ideas flowing into other areas of your business.

TOP TIP: Don’t be scared to be yourself, say things how you want to say them and you’ll develop a brand people love.

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