5 Creative Marketing Ideas | Real Life Examples


Creative Marketing Ideas can be hard to come up with, so to help you out here’s 5 real life creative marketing ideas from real businesses that you can get inspiration from.

1. The Pop-Up Business Cards

This one is for you if you either do a lot of networking or go to a lot of conferences or events. ‘The Business Card’ is old school marketing, but in these face to face situations, your business card can leave a lasting impression, or no impression at all.

When we first started attending conferences we knew we needed a business card that stood out, that was an ice breaker.

So, we designed this Pop Up Business Card… because we do… Stand Out Marketing. Get it?

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Your business card doesn’t need to make the best cup of tea, but if you can do something that makes it different, makes it a talking point… you’ll be remembered at the end of the day when the business cards are looked through and stored forever in a drawer.

This sounds simple but this business card, with this photography has got us business at these events.

That is crazy, but true.

2. Manhua Cha Bubble Tea

This is another company we have worked with, and they blew us us away. Carine and Dave wanted to set up a Bubble Tea company, but they wanted to make their mark and do something different.

Through talking with them, we found out their other passion was Comic Books, and so we suggested they maybe look and differentiating themselves by targeting a specific market group.

They RAN with this idea.

They re-branded before they had even began into ‘Manhua Cha’ which translates to Comic Tea, and launched at a Comic Con with their Comic themed trailer.

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How awesome is this?

They reached out to various Comic Cons to also be there selling their bubble tea, and one even told them it usually doesn’t ‘favour’ certain distributors, but because they loved the branding so much, and it fit so well with their audience – they had to have them there.

It’s a great example of how you don’t need to differentiate your product per say, but how differentiating in your niche can make you the go to guys for a particular type of person.

3. Convince Your Boss

We love Social Media Marketing World. We’ve made some great friends and business connections there, but we wanted to let you know how awesome their marketing is too, because they know how to sell tickets.

Here’s just 1 of the clever things they do. On the sales page, there is a whole section for ‘Convince Your Boss’, with email templates to boot.

Creative Marketing Ideas-31


Social Media Marketing World knows the difference between the person buying the ticket and the person with the purse strings, and knows it has to break down those barriers to sales.

Think about who it is you actually need to market too, and if the person actually consuming your product/service etc. isn’t the person buying, make it easy for them to convince that person.

4. Free Beer

We were in the market for an office a few years ago, and we eventually settled on Business Space Solutions at Newburn Riverside.

Why? This office building stood out amongst the rest because there were so many little touches that showed they really wanted to go above and beyond compared to the other offices we had seen, and the little touches when it comes to marketing really do add up.

For example, as well as including the obligatory free tea and coffee for us and our clients in with our rent, Business Space Solutions has FREE BEER.

Creative Marketing Ideas-32

Yes, FREE Beer that us and/or our clients can take advantage of.

Think about what’s obligatory about your business. What does everybody do? And how can you go one step further?

5. Morphman

Finally, we wanted to tell you about Morphman.

Pete’s brother is a bit crazy, and he does extreme challenges for charity. For his last challenge he done 7 marathons in 7 days dressed in a Morphsuit.

Creative Marketing Ideas-29


Campaigning was going OK, but he wasn’t hitting his targets, he had a Facebook page, but it wasn’t doing all that well.

Instead Pete suggested he use Facebook Live to show people the blood sweat and tears he had put into training for this mammoth task. The video he filmed was honest and unedited. It wasn’t your standard ‘marketing’ because it felt real. That is fricking awesome marketing.

Overnight he got hundreds of shares resulting in 10,000+ views and raised nearly £2000, he then ended up getting sponsorship from Coors light, resulting in even more donations.

From 1 video.

All from adding a little bit from of him into the marketing, and making it seem more real to people.

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