Creative Marketing Ideas for Boring Companies

Are you in one of those professional/boring/regulated/luxury industries where creative marketing feels impossible and it’s hard to be fun?

We know it can be hard to get attention amongst all the cat videos out there…

…especially if your brand won’t allow you to let your hair down and have some fun.

But, in this week’s video, we’re going to show you how to be creative and come up with remarkable content ideas that aren’t just daft and silly to get attention!

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Content Mavericks

Are you in one of those professional/boring/regulated industries where you just feel like you can’t be creative or fun and you’re struggling to get the attention of your customers? 😴

Well, this video👆is for you! We show you how to be creative and come up with remarkable content ideas that aren’t just daft and silly to get attention.

That’s right, so you won’t have to worry about rocking the boat or getting yourself fired.

We also talk you through a real life example of something horrendously boring and then leave you with an exercise to get you thinking of remarkable ideas yourself.

Stand out from the competition with creative marketing

In today’s crowded online world, the competition for attention and eyeballs is fierce.

That’s why we always say you should be more remarkable with your content, in order to stand out.

However, when we say that, people presume we mean being entertaining and silly (like we are… sometimes 😜)

And we always get asked the question, “I’m in a more professional/boring/regulated industry – so how is creative marketing achievable for me?”

Remarkable Ideas

We always explain that there’s lots of other ways to stand out without being daft or silly. Depending on your industry, could you be the person who:

👉 Creates the most in-depth highly technical trainings ever?

👉 Shares only advice based on research?

👉 Interviews people for two hours but only give a three sentence summary?

👉 Creates the most beautiful looking blogs with infographics and cool graphs?

👉 Creates interactive content?

 All these forms of creative marketing could be remarkable in your industry, but the point here is working out what is right for you.

Here’s the crux of it, it’s not about being daft or entertaining to get attention at any cost, it’s about being on brand.

Our brand is all about entertainment, so we don’t mind getting hit in the face with a pan, getting dressed up, or slipping into a mankini all for the sake of entertainment (that was Pete BTW) 😆

So, what does your brand stand for and can it influence your content in a way that is more remarkable?

Creative marketing is not about making people watch paint dry

Let’s walk you through an example.

The most boring industry we could think of is… paint. There’s literally a metaphor about watching paint dry 😳

Let’s take Farrow and Ball. They sell paint.

Now there’s not much you can say about paint that’s remarkable or even slightly interesting!

So what did Farrow and Ball do?

Well, taking our advice on being remarkable, they could have talked about extreme paint challenges, they could have painted animals wacky colours, they could have literally painted the town red.

And that would all have been different and remarkable content, but that wasn’t on brand for them and so it wouldn’t have worked.

Instead they looked at what their brand was all about and what their products allow people to do, which is to decorate their home with luxury and so that’s exactly what their content is about.

They created a whole blog called ‘The Chromologist’ which talks you through how to create a ‘Beautiful, considered home’. This, at the time, was completely remarkable in the industry.

If Farrow and Ball’s brand was about ‘affordability’, for example, their content might instead be about ‘How to DIY your house on a budget’ – but it’s not!

This shows how your brand creates a framework for sparking remarkable ideas, but also boundaries for reining them in.

What is your brand all about?

So that’s the big question comes for you. What is your brand all about? What does your product or service allow people to do? And can they spark ideas for your content?

Let us know in the comments if you’ve had a lightbulb moment 💡 or what ideas you have for creative marketing for your business.