Deconstructing Our New Website

We recently launched our newly redesigned website and we just wanted to talk you through some of the decisions we made on our Home Page, and why we made them, so you could potentially apply them to your own websites.

To give some context…
With launching atomic, our old website didn’t really reflect what we were offering and what we were about. The main focus of is to now ‘sell’ us as ‘the guys who work with micro businesses to make them stand out, and do more interesting stuff with their marketing.’ As well as to let people know easily how they can get involved, with the bigger picture result being to get more people using atomic.

The Home Page…
When you land on the Home Page, other than the logo and branding (which in itself is a bit different), the first thing you see is the Call to Action (CTA) to receive for free, marketing advice and inspiration on a monthly basis. The text to the left of this describes who exactly we are talking too, and who we work with, and the text around the CTA bigs up the value. The aim here is to get people on our list, we want their emails so we can show them the value of atomic. This is saying ‘This is who we work with, let us show you what we can offer with no barriers other than giving us your email address.’

The rest of the page is all about building credibility, and a personal engagement with our audience. Noting a couple things here…
– The use of our photos – People like seeing faces, it builds trust and creates a stronger bond. We also got a very good photographer to make us look good (she was very good), as professional photos just build so much more credibility than amateur photography.
– The use of language – We use personal pronouns a lot, talk in a fairly conversational way, and don’t use over complex sentences. All things that studies have shown help with engagement levels.
– Our defined audience – We are all about the micro businesses, and empowering them, which is mentioned throughout.
– Our book – So our book isn’t finished yet, but having it on the website is already building credibility. Authors are looked up too!
– Testimonials – So easy to get, and study after study has shown the power of them.
– Social Media Channels – Great for encouraging people to talk to you online, but also shows we are still going, since they will be updated daily.

Finally we offer the web visitor 3 ways to get involved. Studies have shown when given the opportunity of 3 things, most people go with the middle one, which is why joining atomic is our middle choice and most wanted action (notice it is slightly bigger too). The use of arrows here encourages people to read certain bits too. Either way all 3 actions are giving the potential customer a good reason to get in touch and give us their email address so we can follow up.

What is to add…
Already too, we are thinking of more ways to add credibility. In the future, we will be adding…
– Logos of credible websites we get atomic featured on.
– Facts, Figures and Stats from you atomic users.

ACTION: Don’t go to your website yet. First ask yourself 2 questions, if somebody was to land on your website…
1. What would you like them to do?
2. How would you like a potential customer to describe YOU and YOUR Business?

ACTION: Now go to your website and see if these 2 questions are fulfilled.

ACTION: If not, why not? Remember if your Most Wanted Action is for a visitor to get in touch, are you giving them more of a reason to get in touch than your competitors website? How can you build that credibility.