Don’t Get Distracted by Shiny New Things

Marketing takes time. If you’re focused on building your email subscribers, or Twitter following or Facebook likes for example, then stick to it. You won’t build a huge following overnight.

Too often people give up without giving it a good enough attempt, or they get distracted by something new. For example 2015 saw the launch of the apps Meerkat and Periscope. Before that there was Pinterest, Instagram etc… You can either be an evangelist for something new and if it takes off you could be the expert in it… or it could flop and you’ll have wasted your time.

It is important to not spread yourself too thin and frequently many micro businesses do this by attempting to manage too many social media platforms. It is much better to do 2 or 3 really well, than 10 very poorly. If you want to find out which ones are right for you click here.

We are however firm believers in new tools, if you can find tools that help you to save time and create value for your clients. If you want to know about any cool tools, just search atomic for #toolreview.

ACTION: Look at the social media channels you use, would you like to push some more than others, do some work better for you? Do you feel that some are taking you a lot of time for no real returns and no popularity? Consider dropping one or more of them. Do this by telling everyone on the platform to follow you on your preferred channels.