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If you’re building an email list but NOT generating business from it then you need to grab a pen and a paper and watch this video! 👇

Whether you have a list of less than 100 people, or a list of 100,000 + we’re going to talk about strategies that WORK to turn your email subscribers into leads and customers.


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If you’re building an email list but NOT generating business from it then you need to grab a pen and a paper and watch this video.

Whether you have a list of less than 100 people, or a list of 100,000 + we’re going to talk about strategies that WORK to turn your email subscribers into leads and customers.

OK – we’ve got a lot to say on this topic! Previously on this channel we talked about overarching strategy, where we covered things like open rates, and what to put in the emails, so go check that out over there.

In this video, we want to talk about how to actually generate sales from Email Marketing.

It’s not as complicated as you think – and like we said this can work for small lists too.

But before we get into actual tactics we just wanted to tackle mindset towards email… don’t skip because this important…

Start thinking of your email list as people

When people say to us, I only have 20 emails on my list, or I only have 100 email on my list… we say… HANG ON… YOU HAVE 20 people who have opted-in for something.

That’s 20 people who have given you their personal information. These are people. What does 20 extra customers look like to your profit?

This is an audience…. When you turn up to a networking event and you’re stood in front of 20 people, you’re not complaining.

Now, onto the next step.

Make sure they think of YOU as a person

Secondly… we want your audience to start making sure they think of YOU as a person.

In our opinion – emails should always be sent from a PERSON even if it’s an email from a brand, but you need to think about this on a deeper level.

How do you make your subscribers know that you care about them?

What we see a lot of, is people telling personal stories about themselves to try to do this, and humanise their brand. In our opinion, this is not the best thing to do… because people don’t care, especially if they don’t know you.

So instead… try to tell THEIR personal story. When we write our emails, we think about problems or moments that our subscribers might have found themselves in, and use that as the basis of our email.

When you get emails back saying things like “OMG! I feel like you wrote this just to me” that’s when you’ve cracked this.

Once you have the mindset around email down it’s time to think about how to generate business from your list.

Segment based on clicks

We want you to start segmenting based on clicks.

This is the most important metric in our opinion. It’s one thing to subscribe, it’s one thing to open an email, it’s another to click.

We personally use ConvertKit, and for every email we send we have an easy automation set-up that says tag all clicks as ‘clickers’… this is a really simple catch all, so we can start to learn who in our audience is more engaged than others. If you haven’t done this you can go back and do this retrospectively with your campaigns.

You can also build subsets of people based on what they click. For example, we know if you clicked to watch this video from our email that you have some interest in email marketing, or getting better at it.

But just doing this isn’t enough… clickers are great but it’s just a starting point! We don’t class them as WARM or HOT Prospects just YET!

So, up next…

Build your warm list of prospects

We identify warm prospects in two ways:

👉 People who have specifically clicked on a link to find out more about how they can buy from us
👉 People who click regularly and are eating up everything we put out there for free

This is the key with email marketing… we need to find out who is a potential prospect, and follow up with them.

There’s no point is having a small list or a huge list if we don’t know who to follow up with!

A lot of that can be done by automation, why not go one step further…

Start researching your warm leads

Let’s go back to the networking metaphor… If you met somebody at a networking event and they emailed you to say they’d be really interested in working with you, and finding out more, what would you do… send a generic email that goes out to everyone? Probably not.

You’d Google them, you’d check them out, find out what they did and then send them a personalised email back.

Granted, this is easier for B2B, but anyone that’s warm, we want you to start getting to know that person or company. Check out their sites, LinkedIn, Facebook… find out what they do.

If you’re selling a service or something where customers are giving you more than a couple of quid… this time investment is SO WORTHWHILE – but even if you’re selling something cheap and just getting going, do this research. It’s invaluable.

Once you’ve done that, the 6th step is to try to start conversations with these warm leads.

Start conversations with these warm leads

The best way to do this we’ve found is NOT with broadcast, one to many messaging.

Instead, send personalised emails.

There’s different ways you can do this…

We regularly pick a subscriber who is very engaged with our content, and just see if we can help them out. We’ll shoot them a quick video to thank them for being engaged, and see if we can solve any specific problems just for them.

The benefit of doing this is threefold…

1. It’s great research for future videos and ATOMIC trainings to find out what people are stuck with
2. It builds trust, if they are ready to buy – it shows that we do actually care about helping our subscribers
3. It feels good to help people out. Sometimes we really hit it at the right time, where they are in a jam

Another way, is if a subscriber is really warm, we shoot a personal video, or drop a personal email to invite them to hop on the phone. Sometimes someone is ready to buy, but they just want to speak to someone first to find out if it’s right for them.

People OVERCOMPLICATE and UNDER PERSONALISE email marketing, with fancy funnels that are based on guesswork…. And people UNDERCOMPLICATE email marketing, thinking useful content + sales email is going to hit the mark.

Instead, start treating your email marketing like discussions with people. REAL people… because they ARE REAL!

Work out who is more engaged and try have REAL conversations.

If you want to go more in depth with this, and start to move away from just creating brand awareness to actually generating sales with your emails, content and your social, then you need to check out our free online workshop, Sales Unleashed, it takes you step by step through how to actually create a sales strategy that works.

What do you think? Has this changed the way you’ll approach your email marketing? Let us know below! 👇