5 Places to Find Endless Blog Ideas

A big issue that many businesses face is actually finding sources of inspiration for their blogs, vlogs and podcasts. BUT… have no fear… The Bloggers Playbook is BACK.

In this video above, we run through 5 places to find endless sources of content inspiration. Give it a watch, and get inspired.

Then, it’s time to get creating, for that you need this…

Build A Bloody Good Blog Blueprint

Build a Bloody Good Blog Blueprint by Andrew and Pete

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Video Transcript (for you readers)

Hey guys, Andrew and Pete here. Are you struggling to think of awesome blog ideas that draw people in and engage with them.

Well, have no fear, Andrew and Pete are here. We’re here to show you five places where you can find endless blog ideas.

Are you ready? Are you ready Andrew?

What are you doing?
– I’m just reading the Blogger’s Playbook for today’s video.
– Don’t tell them where we’re getting our ideas from.

Number one, predictive search.
Okay, we’re gonna start easy here, predictive search is a great place to find blog ideas. This works on Google, this works on YouTube, this works on basically any kind of search engine.

Just type in your keywords on any search engine and it will show you what other people have been searching for. These are clearly popular topics in your industry that people are already looking for. So it’s a great source of inspiration.

Taking this a step further, there’s another website called KeywordTool.io which can make this process a little bit easier. You just put in your short-tail keyword and then it will give you a list of all the long-tail keywords in order of most popular search terms. You can pay for this tool to get a little bit more data but even the free one will give you a tonne of ideas.

Number two, Amazon.
Amazon is a great place for finding new blog ideas.
– Tell me more Pete. Simply go onto to Amazon and find the top books in your industry. A lot of them you can click on and see a preview of their contents page.
This in itself is a gold mine of potential blog ideas for you to write.

Three, FAQs.
Frequently Asked Questions is a great source of blog inspiration. And we look at two places specifically where questions are frequently asked. The first in sales meetings, whenever we’re talking to somebody about our product or service, I always have a notepad and pen and I’m writing down the questions that they ask as they ask them. Because that is great fodder for potential blogs is questions that people obviously have that you can answer on your website.

The second is at conferences and events, specifically the ones that have a lot of guest speakers. The end of these sessions there are usually Q and A sessions and we always write down the questions that get asked of the speakers. Again, another great source of inspiration for your blogs too.

Number four, Quora.
– Think it’s called Quora. Quora is an awesome, awesome website.

It’s basically just a huge questions bank. People just ask questions and loads of people reply.

So just type in your topic or industry or keywords at the top in the search bar and find relevant questions and potential ideas and inspiration for your own blogs.
We love this tool.

Number five, your own search history.

That sounds dangerous. It does, not when the wife’s around.

When did you get married? Why wasn’t I the best man?

Okay, maybe not literally your own search history, but think about all the problems that you’ve had that you’ve overcome. That’s great inspiration for sharing with people.
A lot of the things that we’re sharing on our blogs and in our vlogs are things that we’ve tested out ourselves.

We’ve thought where do we get blog ideas from? So we found places to get blog ideas from and now we can share where we can get blog ideas from. Make sense?
– Makes sense.
I really like the idea of when we’ve ever had a problem or a challenge and we’re struggling to find the answer to it and we’re searching for it and we’re maybe looking on YouTube. And we can’t quite find a really good tutorial of how to do it.

Boom, figure out to do it really well yourself, test it out and there you go. That’s an awesome blog idea because chances are other people have come across this problem too.
– Okay guys that is it, five places to find an endless stream of blog ideas.
But now you’ve got to go write a blog and lucky for you, we’ve got a download just for that.

It’s our Build a Bloody Good Blog Blueprint.
That was a lot of B’s.
That was first take as well, I’m not even gonna lie about that one.

– It was second.
– It wasn’t.

In it we break down all the elements of an awesome blog to give you a roadmap for when you are starting to write one.
– And if you wanna get your mits on that, then just grab it in the video description.

And it’s all yours, it’s free, just go get it.
– I’ve been Andrew.
– And I’ve been Pete.

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